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Blue Monday 2023 – the most depressing day of the year! Try our 12 mood-changing tips

Today, January 16, is Blue Monday, known as the most depressing day of the year. But who said you can’t do something about it? Try our tips that lift your mood in no time.

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The psychologist and life coach Cliff Arnall coined the term “Blue Monday” in 2005 and said that he had developed an equation that shows that there is one day of the year that is a little more depressing than all the others – a day that usually falls on the third Monday in January.

If you’re one of those who feel Blue Monday, check out our tips to turn your mood around this Monday. Here we list 12 simple tips that will instantly lift your mood.

1. Stretch yourself.

Yes, it doesn’t have to be more difficult than that. Our posture affects our mood, so sit up a little straighter in your chair.

2. Listen to your favorite song.

Music has the ability to affect our mood in an instant. So put on your favorite music and turn up the volume!

3. Write down 3 positive things that happened today.

This can make you feel both more optimistic and less stressed.

4. Go for a walk outside.

A brisk walk in the fresh air always perks up – a 20-minute brisk walk does wonders for stress.

5. Eat a fruit.

It is difficult to feel good mentally if the body is not in good shape. Load up with fruit, vegetables and protein-rich foods.

6. Say “thank you”.

Yep, it’s not harder than that. Something as small as thanking someone immediately makes us feel a little more optimistic.

7. Write to a friend.

A short message where you tell your friend how cruel he is will make both your and your friend’s day immediately feel more fun.

8. Watch a cute animal video.

Sometimes you just need to take a break from your worries and watch a cute puppy play.

9. Do something new.

Sometimes it can be enough to take a different route home to make us feel present in the moment.

10. Plan something fun.

Whether it’s coffee with a friend or a trip, it will give you something to look forward to.

11. Do something productive.

Even if it’s just cleaning out that drawer in the kitchen, you’ll feel good all day.

12. Take a break from scrolling

It’s tempting to start scrolling as soon as we get a moment to spare. Take a break and do something that makes you feel really good. A moment of simple yoga, a nice bath or a phone call with a friend will make you feel far better than that extra half hour on social media.

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