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Blue Monday 2023: how the saddest day of the year affects your zodiac sign

Blue Monday 2023 falls this Monday, January 16 and it is known as the saddest day of the year as it marks the return to daily life after the holiday period of the December holidays.

The cold environment, combined with the difficulty of picking up the pace and paying credit card bills, creates the perfect storm, which, It affects each zodiac sign differently..

Discover how Blue Monday 2023 impacts your sign it can prepare you to receive this hard blow of reality and overcome it with the help of the stars.

It is possible that your sign is very irritable this day because they will unconsciously take out their frustrations on others. The best thing you can do to prevent it from affecting you is to exercise, recommends the horoscope from the online site Ask Astrology.

A feeling of frustration will affect Taurus this day as they will realize the extra pounds they have acquired after the end of the year holidays and they have not been able to start with their resolutions. Astrologers suggest taking this day as the last of his old life and enjoying eating delicious treats and watching movies.

Your sign is normally optimistic, however, during Blue Monday it will be indecisive and melancholic. Think that this day will be the hardest of the year and optimism will return to you faster than you expect.

You will be closed to any emotion because you will be working to process all the melancholic energy of the saddest day of the year. Doing chores around the house, like picking up Christmas decorations, will help you get through this time.

You will be very sensitive this day, so you could take what everyone says about you too seriously. Your ego will be responsible for an aggressive attitude, so you must find a way to express yourself without harming others.

Blue Monday makes you very sentimental about what is foreign to you because you are more analytical and rational than emotional. Take advantage of this impulse to think about how to solve problems with your loved ones while you do your daily tasks.

Even if you don’t want to show it, the saddest day of the year affects you more than you would like. Pretending to be happy right now won’t get you over it any faster; allow emotions to embrace you, so you can process and overcome them.

Your sign is very reserved so you don’t want others to know that you feel vulnerable. You may want to isolate yourself from the world, so don’t feel guilty about not answering messages and calls on this day.

It depresses you more than others knowing that the holidays and vacations are over. The advantage of your sign is that it quickly finds motivations that make it feel optimistic, for example, to start planning your next adventure.

You do not want to focus on your emotions at this time as time is pressing to resume business or work rhythm. However, you shouldn’t ignore those feelings because they will stay stuck there. Take a break to feel and process.

Your sign will feel depressed and alone. What is the best medicine? Go out with friends or family and plan something fun like going to the movies or having dinner.

Your sign is artistic, creative and emotional, which is why it is one of the most affected by this Blue Monday. Astrology says that you can channel this energy into creative activities, a lot of inspiration will come from there.

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