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blue and white wedding decor

Have you ever thought about making blue and white wedding decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡· White is a color that is always present at weddings, blue also because it is a soft, delicate color that guarantees lightness to the ceremony. Blue is modern, elegant and has several possible variations and is discreet at the same time. Even the most striking shades of color, such as royal blue, metallic and turquoise are elegant, discreet tones with a touch of fashion that will make the difference in your wedding decor.

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Blue and white wedding decoration – Blue and white are colors that go super well with the wedding, find out how to use them (Photo: Disclosure)

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blue and white wedding decor

THE blue and white wedding decor it can be made in different ways and the combination of these colors can be present in many details, such as pillows, bride and bridesmaids shoes, bouquet, bride’s car, bridesmaids dresses and in all the decor.

Blue and white match all wedding styles, from the smallest and simplest to the most pompous and sophisticated weddings, especially outdoor weddings or weddings in unusual places. There are several shades of blue, in their darker variants, such as turquoise blue, royal and any closed tone, calls for a relatively high light and an airy space. Dark colors make the environment warmer and require ventilation and adequate light for the visual comfort of your guests.

You can even merge a third color (Photo: Disclosure)

Your wedding cake is also a very important item and you can also leave it all blue. But if you prefer a traditional white cake, you can only incorporate blue in some details, such as blue ribbons at the bottom of the cake layers or other details. Or even other items that decorate the table.

Currently, in many wedding parties, colored lighting has been used and with blue this is a very interesting option because in addition to making the whole environment blue, it can bring a lot of creativity and sophistication to your wedding. When choosing the bouquet you can choose to have shades of blue and white or an entire bouquet with only blue. Check below names of plants that have blue flowers:

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Details on the table can continue to combine the colors blue and white (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Acomito with a light blue almost lilac
  • Anemone that has a discreet and elegant color of blue
  • aquileia
  • Centaurea with the most closed blue
  • Delfinio with blue and white flowers on the same plant
  • Purple hyacinth which can be purple or blue

Tiffany blue wedding decor

Tiffany blue is the famous turquoise blue tone currently associated with Tiffany & Co jewelry, synonymous with quality and sophistication. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was customary among brides to present their wedding guests with a turquoise stone in the shape of a dove. Turquoise undoubtedly became one of the most important colors for future wives, which made Charles Lewis Tiffany decide, in 1945, to use it to decorate his catalogs and, later, his famous boxes.

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Decoration in Tiffany blue is being super used in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

The wedding that has the tone of Tiffany blue must know how to dose the blue so as not to overload the party, this color combines perfectly with white and brings a lot of sophistication to the wedding. For invitations for a wedding with this theme, it is possible to imitate the format of cards and stationery from the jewelry brand (format, typography, background and text color).

blue and white wedding decor pictures

Check out beautiful photos of blue and white wedding decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡·

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