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Blockchain technology helps Nespresso customers track their coffee

In line with its sustainability strategy, Nespresso is launching a new service that enables the tracking of coffee. The tracking takes place with the help of blockchain technology, which gives consumers the opportunity to obtain information about the origin of the coffee.

According to Nespresso, the goal is a fair production chain and greater transparency. Among the information that can be tracked are detailed information about which farmer grew the beans, for what compensation, regional origin and other necessary information that ensures that coffee production is fair through all stages of production. Traceability is currently available for Reviving Origins Kahwa ya Congo, which is part of Nespresso’s organic range, but there is no doubt that the same tracking technology could be introduced to other products as well.

The tracking technology stands out

The technology behind the traceability is revolutionary and traces every coffee produced from over 1,400 beans in Kicu, Democratic Republic of Congo. The complex system thus records the volume of coffee that each farmer contributed. The system also verifies the delivery and compensates each farmer with an allowance for the amount of coffee they contributed. According to Nespresso, consumers can already today trace the coffee sold under the “Reviving Origins Kahwa ya Congo” brand. The tracking can be done online on the Nespresso website but also in the app.

In a press release, Nespresso writes about the new system and how the technology has developed. OpenSC and BGC Digital Ventures are two actors that were involved in the creation of the tracking system.

– We want to contribute to consumers getting a clearer picture of how Nespresso works with sustainability and coffee quality. Therefore, we look forward to consumers around the world now being able to become aware of how and who produces the coffee they drink every day, says Sofia Strandberg, Nordic Sustainability Manager at Nespresso.

Supports areas where conditions are difficult

The tracking option goes hand in hand with Nespresso’s major sustainability work, which already includes the Reviving Origins and AAA Sustainable Quality Program initiatives. Now the company is going a step further towards strengthening production opportunities for farmers in areas where the conditions are difficult. In accordance with the sustainability program AAA Suatainable Quality Program, Nespresso supports production regions where production as well as the livelihood conditions of the local population are threatened. In accordance with the program, the company offers training to its coffee farmers and makes clean water stations available. The initiative also includes health services, Nespresso writes in its press release.

An ambitious goal by 2026 is to train 8,000 farmers. The company thus aims for 45% of these to be women.

– We have long worked to support coffee farmers and cooperatives in regions where coffee production is threatened. I am proud that customers now have the opportunity to learn about the coffee’s origins. Transparency is an important key to ensure accountability and complements both eco-labels and certifications, says Sofia Strandberg.

“Kahawa ya Congo” is, according to Nespresso, the very first seasonal coffee in the Reviving Origins series that is organic. The coffee Reviving Origins Kahawa ya Congo is a smooth and fruity seasonal coffee from the volcanic shores of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Aluminium: a natural material that is both protective and recyclable

Nespresso uses aluminum in the production of coffee capsules. The material works perfectly to protect the quality of the coffee and is recyclable. In Sweden, used capsules can be thrown at over 5,800 recycling stations or in one of Nespresso’s official stores.

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