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Blisters on the face? 5 tricks to fight them and end them

The pimples on the face can be extremely annoying, but they cannot be removed in any way. Know the best techniques and get rid of them.

It’s one of those people who seems, literally, out of puberty judging by the amount of pimples on the face? Although in his youth he was lucky not to have many pimples, now that he is an adult these little bumps do not leave his face.

Skin experts and dermatologists end up dividing pimples into two types: those you can remove and those you shouldn’t even touch!

Here are some tips to get rid of the dreaded pimples.

5 tricks to get rid of pimples on your face

pimples on face vs black spots

First of all, a big difference must be kept in mind: one thing is pimples, another thing is black dots.

Spots on the face, or acne, are sebaceous glands that are producing more sebum and that sometimes get clogged up in their ducts.

This process causes the glands to swell and release this silk into the skin. Then, the “high spots” appear, which we call pimples.

Blackheads, on the other hand, are a different type of acne that appear by the accumulation of oil and other substances. Sebum and keratin oxidize and take on a “black” hue, which is the reason for its nomenclature.

Young woman cleaning her face

Bet on a good facial tonic

Instead of walking around squeezing pimples on your face and causing even more inflammation and, with the germs on your hands, causing an even bigger outbreak of pimples, bet on a good facial tonic, like this one, for example, specific for skin with bubbles.

Today, there are numerous options on the market at very attractive prices, which not only do the work and cleanse the skin but also help to dry the pimples and blackheads themselves. Do not fail with daily treatments and you will see the pimples on your face gradually disappear.

Squeeze pimples? Avoid as much as possible!

He looked in the mirror and saw those white-headed pimples. The urge to squeeze is a lot! Even because he even feels a certain “taste” of seeing that white mixture exploding… But, don’t do it.

Our hands (and especially nails) have an amount of bacteria and germs that you can’t even imagine. And by moving the bubbles, you will be increasing the harmful substances around this area even more. With this, in addition to pimples on the face, you can gain a tremendous infection who will not wish for anything in this world.

pimple remover? Choose to remove blackheads instead

There is a tool on the market that promises to effectively remove pimples and blackheads. However, choose to use them just for the black dots.

In terms of how to use it, the experts are here to help: hold the extractor at a 45 degree angle to the black point and keep pressing it from one side to the other. As soon as you start to feel the looser point, press the extractor. You will see that the black dot will come out without problems.

Bet on products suitable for your problem

There are several products on the market specifically for problematic and acne-prone skin, so just choose your favorites. Don’t forget that pimpled skin still needs hydration and, of course, extra care. However, if symptoms persist, see a dermatologist immediately.

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