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Blindex Tempered Glass

Are you building something in your house and you need a tip to choose a good glass to decorate your house? In this case, we recommend that you read the following article, which talks about exactly what you need to know, that is, the blindex tempered glass and its advantages and disadvantages in applications in some rooms of the house.

For your home, business or wherever you want. More security for your environment. (Photo: reproduction)

What this article covers:

Blindex Tempered Glass

Before we start talking about Blindex glasses, let’s explain what a tempered glass: It is a common glass that during the manufacturing process is subjected to a special treatment called tempering, and with this heat treatment, the glass gains an increase in hardness and resistance to blows. Because of this, tempered glass is often used in public buildings such as telephone booths and the like. Tempered glass is also used in all cars today, as a mandatory safety standard.

Blindex tempered glass is two or more times stronger than traditional glass, called “annealed”. A feature present in all tempered glass is that when it breaks, it turns into small glass fragments, which avoid major injuries if someone is hit by its pieces.

But Blindex tempered glass should not be used anywhere in the house. It is best suited to be installed on facades, sliding doors, or building entrances, precisely because of its greater resistance and security. You can also install Blindex tempered glass in bathroom stalls, and any other place where safety is a very important factor.

Blindex Tempered Glass

Blindex Tempered Glass goes through processes to become resistant. (Photo: reproduction)

How Tempered Glass is Made

Blindex glasses are subjected to two types of treatment. first the heat treatment, where the glass is heated to a temperature of 680º, and then cooled quickly. In this way, the glass receives an increase in durability that can reach up to four times longer than a common annealed glass. If glass is cooled slowly, it becomes twice as strong as annealed glass.

In the other way of treating Blindex glass, the glass is subjected to a chemical solution that produces greater mechanical resistance. Chemically strengthened glass has similar properties to heat-treated glass, but this method is not widely used for window glass, rather for thin glass and its applications.

These are the two ways to make tempered glass that is extremely rigid and safe, and that ends up being superior to ordinary tempered glass. This is one of the peculiarities of Blindex glasses. Finally, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using tempered glass in your home, because despite greater rigidity, there are factors that may not help much in certain situations.

Blindex Tempered Glass

Glazed facades look prettier. (Photo: reproduction)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tempered Glass

The disadvantage of tempered glass is that it can never be cut or broken. So if the glass needs drilling for screws, or grinding the edges or edges, these things need to be done before the tempering process. As we mentioned earlier, any type of damage done to tempered glass results in the complete shattering of the piece into small pieces.

But the advantage of using tempered glass is that it is less susceptible to serious injury if it shatters, which provides great security. That’s why it is used in car windows, kitchen utensils and things that need security, due to the low probability of risks. Another advantage is its beauty, which can stand out on a beautiful home facade, giving a beautiful impression to anyone looking at your home with beautiful Blindex glass windows. For more information, visit www.blindex.com.br🇧🇷

Where to Buy Blindex Tempered Glass

You can find these glasses in any specialized glass store. They are common to be found because of the security they provide. Specialized companies do all kinds of services you need, from boxing to bathrooms to glass walls. See some of the stores where you can request services with this type of glass:

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