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Blindex doors and windows – price

The famous blindex actually it’s a tempered glassconsidered safer, because when it breaks, instead of fragmenting into large and sharp pieces, it breaks into small pieces, with much less sharp edges than common glass, which makes it much better and safer.

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blindex doors and windows

O blindex doors and windows, as they are more resistant, are used in windows and doors to increase security in homes. As windows and doors usually have a lot of contact due to their handling, it is necessary to look for quality products so that children, the elderly and people with special needs do not run unnecessary risks.

This type of glass has a mechanical resistance that is four to five times greater than that of a common glass, because after it has been shattered, it does not allow new cuts, cutouts or holes to be made, and not even opacifications are allowed. by reducing the strength of the material.

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blindex window

The difference between common glass and tempered glass lies in its manufacturing process, as safety glass undergoes a tempering heat treatment, which makes it much more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks. During this process, the glass is subjected to controlled heating that raises its temperature to an incredible 650ºC, which is followed by a sudden cooling, which results in a thermal shock that increases its resistance. Check out some values ​​of doors and windows from blindex:

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2 Sliding Window 6mm pieces, for only R$ 227.00 m² in transparent glass. Depending on the color chosen for the glass, there are changes in the value, as in the case of the smoked one, which costs R$276.00 m², the green one which is R$254.00 m² and the bronze one which costs R$286 m².

4 Sliding Window 6mm pieces, for only R$ 266.00 m² in transparent colorless glass. Green glass costs R$ 293.00 m², smoked glass costs R$ 308.00 m² and bronze costs R$ 317 m².

Blindex sliding door.

Sliding Door 2 pieces of 8mm in colorless glass starts at R$ 248.00 m². Green glasses start at R$292.00 m², smoked glasses start at R$307.00 m² and bronze starts at R$ 329.00 m².

4 piece sliding door 8mm in colorless glass starts at R$ 283.00 m². Green glasses start at R$327.00 m², smoked glasses start at R$342.00 m² and bronze starts at R$ 364.00 m².

Pivoting Door of 2.10m x 0.80m with 8 mm colorless glass, they start at R$ 429.00 each. Green glasses cost R$ 503.00 each, smoked glasses cost R$ 512.00 each and bronze glasses cost R$ 550.00 each.

The values ​​quoted above were consulted on the Vidraçaria BH website. For budgets on the measurements of your residence, you must hire a glazier in your region and research the values ​​practiced in the place where you live.

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