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Black moon in Leo: what it means and which are the most affected signs

When the Moon is located in the farthest point of its orbit around the Earth It is known as the black moon and symbolizes one of the darker sides of the natal chart. It is believed to trigger negative effects and according to astrological predictions, some signs are more affected by this cosmic aspect.

The black moon changes sign approximately every 9 months, Right now it is located in Leo, a fire sign where it will remain until October 2023. During this period of time it will activate our ego, so we might feel that we are more easily hurt.

Since Leo is the only sign ruled by the Sun, the astrological planet of the self and ruler of our way of being, these feelings are centered on ourselves. The last thing we want is to be controlled and told what to do, we are more reluctant to take the advice of othersreviews YourTango.com in an article.

Why is the black moon known as Lilith?

Legend has it that Lilith was created to be Adam’s original companion, before Eve, and was likewise made in the likeness of God. However, she was a strong, independent and free woman who knew exactly what she wanted and what she didn’t.

Lilith wanted to own her own pleasure and enjoy your body in your own way. She wanted to put herself on top of Adam when having sexual encounters, an attitude that she did not seem to the man. Since they did not understand each other in any way, Lilith decided to leave Paradise and went to the Red Sea where it is said that she had many lovers, including dozens of demons.

For this reason, it was said that she herself was a demon and that she was the mother of hundreds of them, it was even said that Lilith was the serpent that tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

That said, the myth of Lilith is associated with the Black Moon because it represents the exact opposite of the Moon, the astrological planet of emotions and feelings; it is a more instinctive energy that determines us to enjoy, she commented in an Ava Astrology article.

Zodiac signs most affected by the black moon in Leo

During Lilith’s journey on Leo, it is predictable that it will be one of the most affected signs. According to YourTango.com, she will want to show her partner who is boss in the relationship, which could trigger some power conflicts. The suggestion is to reach agreements and think things through before everything is thrown overboard.

Libra will feel that they owe nothing to anyone, after all, it is their life and they can do whatever they want. This feeling will cause her not to want anyone to get in her way, including a romantic partner, so she might hurt the feelings of the people she loves.

Your sign has only one thing on its mind during Lilith’s transit through Leo: to do things their way. Other people may take offense at your ego, but you won’t see it that way. If they don’t want to commit to you, you’ll write them off and do whatever you can to get your way.

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