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Black Honey – 10 awesome alternatives to TikTok’s trendiest lipstick

Do you love Clinique’s hyped Black Honey-lipstick? Then check out our list of products that provide a similar result – often at a fraction of the price!

Photo: instagram @catparnell

Clinique’s lipstick Almost Lipstick Black Honey is one of the most loved make-up products right now, not least thanks to its universally flattering formula: its mix of red, blue and yellow pigments adapts to the wearer’s skin tone, creating a unique shade that suits the wearer perfectly.

The products similar to Clinique’s Black Honey-lipstick

Of course, there are other products that give similar results, often for a significantly lower price!

Whether you’re looking for a product that mimics the iconic lipstick while providing serious hydration (like Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm from Hourglass), a more affordable option (check out NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream) or a lipstick with maximum volume effect (Dior’s Lip Maximizer) and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our selected products below!

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