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black and white party decor

THE B&W aesthetic is not only successful in the field of fashion, but has also invaded the area of ​​decoration. The combination of black and white allows you to create elegant environmentspleasant and easy to harmonize with other colors.

The black and white combination makes the party charming and elegant. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The black and white duo

At black and white colors form a duo that never goes out of style. Decor becomes timeless and can value different styles, such as classic and contemporary.

Black is usually associated with mystery, terror and mourning. It can also convey the feeling of luxury, sophistication and sobriety. White has a completely opposite meaning, after all, it conveys peace, purity and calm. By working with both colors, it is possible to achieve the perfect balance between light and shadow.

There are many advantages to working with the black and white decor🇧🇷 The colors adapt to the season, are not tiring, have personality and, when well used, help to enlarge the space.

Black and white wedding party. (Photo: Disclosure)

Wedding party
Traditional wedding decor typically involves light, romantic colors. However, when black is added, this tradition is broken. Therefore, the B&W aesthetic is only recommended for modern couples, who are willing to dare and surprise their guests.

At wedding decoration, it is recommended to work more with white and add black in the details. In this way, the party maintains the matrimonial atmosphere and not that of halloween. It is interesting to work with a third color when decorating, such as pink or even blue.

Birthday party
THE birthday party can be elaborated with a black and white decor. The duo of neutral tones allows you to enhance different themes for children, youth and adults. Provençal, Corinthians, Dalmatians, Cow, Zebra, Cinema, 60s, Rock in Roll, Music, Halloween and Marilyn Monroe are some of the possible themes.

In the case of the birthday party, it is not necessary to control the use of black. If the theme is Halloween, then it’s worth working more with the dark tone and making the details lighter.

‘Music’ themed party. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Try to bet on prints to make the decoration more dynamicas is the case with arabesques, polka dots, stripes and chess.

• Some party supply stores already have an exclusive category for B&W, as is the case with Festa Box.

• Balloons, packages, panels, tensioned fabrics, tablecloths, flowers and trays are some items that enhance the colors of the party.

• Utensils made of glass, steel, silver and other shiny metals help to leave the most elegant B&W party🇧🇷

• Black and white can also take over cake and sweets.

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