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Black and white decorated bathroom

O Bdecorated black and white it is a great option for anyone thinking of giving a new face to this important room in their home, which is often overlooked, gaining an ugly and lifeless appearance.

Black and white decorated bathroom (Illustrative Photo)

Considered timeless and always in fashion, the black and white combination in decoration can be used without fear, regardless of the style already adopted in the property, as it contributes to making the environment very charming and elegant.

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Black and white decorated bathroom

The black and white decoration in the bathroom can appear in several ways (Illustrative Photo)

THE black and white decor in the bathroom it can appear in different ways, whether in objects, materials, floor, floor or wall, for example. For those who want to dare a little more, the combination can appear on the wall, mixing the two tones throughout the room.

It can be a white wall and a black one, or bet on the stripes scheme, keeping in mind that these styles can also be adopted on the floor or on just a part of the wall or a specific corner of the bathroom, such as near the closet, for example.

If there is no way to move much in the bathroom, an alternative is to use objects in dark tones and mix them with light colors (Illustrative Photo)

The bathroom decoration can also count on the use of objects and accessories in these shades, such as black and white rugs, black and white cabinets, sink mixing the two colors and even pictures with these shades, among other items (baskets, shower curtain , shelves, towels, etc) if you don’t want to be too bold and prefer to facilitate future style changes.

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Something that can also be interesting is investing in the application of black and white tiles, which give a great look to the bathroom, leaving it with a very modern look. Tiles mixing the two shades are another alternative.

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Carpets, sinks and cabinets, among other objects, can gain dark tones (Illustrative Photo)

For anyone thinking of having one decorated bathroom in this style, another tip is the use of wallpaper, which, in addition to being cheap and easy to apply, leaves the environment with a very different and relaxed look, adding new elements to the room.

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And if the bathroom is already all white and you can’t move much in it, the tip is to place objects in dark tones in the place, to create a beautiful contrast.

The use of pills is also interesting (Illustrative Photo)

Even with few items in black, this bathroom gained a different look (Illustrative Photo)

Here, too, the mixture appears in several parts (Illustrative Photo)

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