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Bistro table: models, how to choose

Anyone thinking of setting up one? modern decoration to the house can not forget the bistro table🇧🇷 This piece of furniture values ​​the needs of each environment, assuming a functional and aesthetic character at the same time.

Modern bistro table. (Photo: Disclosure)

The bistro table is not only present in restaurants, food courts and bars. It can innovate the aesthetics of the residential garden, the leisure area, the gourmet balcony or even the corner of the kitchen.

There are many models of bistro table available for sale in stores. The pieces differ in terms of size, shape, color and material. In any case, when buying, it is important to consider the dialogue between the new piece of furniture and the rest of the decor.

The bistro table is the best alternative for rooms with little space. The compact piece of furniture also represents a perfect solution for those who live alone and want to dine in style and comfort.

What this article covers:

How to choose a bistro table?

Check below some tips for choosing the right bistro table🇧🇷

• To opt for a bistro tableit is important to consider the characteristics that indicate strength and durability.

• If the bistro table has a round top, then the chairs also need to adopt a rounded design.

• Anyone looking for adaptable furniture should give preference to bistro table with height adjustment🇧🇷

• In addition to chairs, stools can also compose the bistro table.

The bistro table is ideal for decorating a corner of the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

• If the intention is to enhance the cozy and rustic aesthetic, then it is worth betting on a wooden bistro table.

•THE bistro table is ideal to accommodate two people. In this way, she is not the best option for houses with many residents.

• It is possible to include four chairs at bistro tablebut people may feel uncomfortable.

• Those who want a more contemporary design should give preference to the acrylic versions.

• Aluminum and iron tables are limited in design.

The bistro table has high chairs or stools. (Photo: Disclosure)

• In most cases, the bistro table stools or chairs are sold separately.

• In search of a new design experience, consumers can purchase a bistro table with a top decorated with the brand of a beer brand. The mosaic finish is also an interesting and distinctive aesthetic.

• The bistro table is perfect for drinking with a friend or enjoying an aperitif. It may be uncomfortable to make a full meal as the table top size is limited.

bistro table pictures

Check out a selection of pictures with bistro table models🇧🇷

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