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Birthday rituals that Leo can do to renew their energy

The Leo season is about to begin, which means that those born from July 22 to August 22 will soon celebrate their birthdays. When the sun is back on the day you were born, it will be the perfect time to renew your energy to start a new cycle in the best way.and for this, they can resort to rituals.

Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by the sun, and since its element is fire, its nature is bright, flashy, and charismatic. During his astrological month he is driven to express his attractive personality and his inner security is strengthened.

Nevertheless, this sign in its desire to always look majestic, usually represses its emotions and when they accumulate they can harm it. This is when birthday rituals will help you purify all that pent-up energy to start another year with renewed spirits.

Ritual of energetic renewal for Leo

With this ritual Leo will be ready to start a new cycle full of optimism and positive energy.. According to the online site Esoteric Clinic, to carry it out you need the following materials:

3 drops of your daily perfume
3 tablespoons of honey
A handful of sea or coarse salt
a large container

The ritual begins when you wake up on your birthday. You should take a few minutes to enjoy the first rays of the sun, which will be the most powerful. Then in a large container, you will have to add hot or warm water and mix all the ingredients.

After your usual morning shower and before drying off, pour the concoction slowly from neck to toe. Visualize how the water with the ritual elements purifies the body and let it evaporate. You should not dry yourself with the towel, you will have to wait for it to dry naturally so that all the energies of the ingredients are impregnated in your being.

Purification ritual for Leo

The following ritual is simpler than the previous one, although similar. On the morning after his birthday and for 8 days in a row, he will have to take a bath as early as possible and pour sea salt on his body as if he were exfoliating. This should be done at the end of the usual shower.

The procedure is to place a handful of the mineral in your hands and rub it from your feet to your shoulders.

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