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Biggest Loser 2023 – all participants

The time has come for 12 new participants to move into Ekolsund Castle and take on the challenge of a lifetime when Biggest Loser is back on TV4 Play and TV4. Under the guidance of program director Malin Stenbäck, the participants will undergo a physical and mental journey towards a better feeling.

Foot: Gabriel Liljevall

Starting on January 30 on TV4 Play and TV4, viewers can follow 12 participants who each week fight against both the wave and their own mental ghosts. With the help and support of the therapist Tobias Sahlin, the personal trainer Pischa Strindsted and the dietician Caroline Wilbois, the participants will undergo a stunning lifestyle change

– Health and well-being are so incredibly important and seeing the participants go through this journey, both mentally and physically, is a powerful experience that I look forward to sharing with the viewers, says presenter Malin Stenbäck.

The participants undergo a weekly weigh-in, and it is then that the participant who has lost the least percentage of weight during the week is allowed to leave the program. In the end, there are three finalists left who settle for the prize sum of SEK 250,000.

Participants Biggest Loser 2023:

Ali Houssin, 31 years old, Malmö

Filip Sehlstedt, 25, Boxholm

Hampus Säberg, 24, Åtvidaberg

Janne Löwstrand, 50, Askersund

Joakim Isaksson Markström, 28 years old, Luleå

Nicolay Garcia de la Cueva, 18 years old, Eskildstuna

Anna Dellmyr, 41, Gothenburg

Anna-Karin Hällman, 34, Hölö

Jenny Andersson, 31, Sandviken

Josselin Freytes, 46, Enskede

Moa Isaksson, 24, Lycksele

Sandra Jönsson, 29, Skurup

When does Biggest Loser 2023 premiere?

Biggest Loser has its season premiere on Monday 30 January 2023 on TV4 Play and TV4.

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