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Big screens conquered cell phone users • ENTER.CO

The iPhone Mini died, and this probably has a logical explanation; users now prefer larger screens on their phones.

The disappearance of the iPhone Mini after Apple’s unveiling at its annual launch event makes it clear that the trend toward larger screens is on the rise. This is possible to verify just by looking a little at what the evolution of smartphones has been in the last decade. By the time the iPhone 6 Plus came out, most Android phones had already made the leap to bigger screens, and Apple’s turn came at just the right time.

With larger screens, a better evolution of sales was evidenced in this type of cell phones and the iPhone Mini began to be relegated. In the previous year, the mini version of the iPhone was the least sold and therefore the decision was to remove it from the market. Those who miss this model, surely it is because they have not tried one with a larger screen.

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One of the main reasons why cell phones with screens of 6” or even more are preferred has to do with the user experience. A larger screen offers better graphics, better resolution and better ability to view with less effort. In fact, the iPhone 14 Pro Max arrives with a 6.7-inch screen, the same as its predecessor, but it is still one of the largest screens on mobile phones.

Faced with this trend that is marked in the evolution of cell phones, there is no room for smaller screens. This is, perhaps, the motivation of the manufacturing companies to think about a next step. Folding cell phones. In a folding cell phone there is a double benefit, the size of the cell phone is not increased (it does not fit in a pocket) but at the same time it allows to have larger screens when folding the device.

This is what Samsung has done with its Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Xiaomi with its Mix Fold 2, and it is confirmed by Google’s patent for a folding cell phone. Of course, the rise of folding phones is beginning, although some already dare to say that it is only a matter of time before a folding iPhone appears.

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