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Biby Gaytán is in negotiations to return to soap operas

After it was revealed that he was playing one of the characters on the TV show Who is the Mask? and when she was eliminated from the reality showBiby Gaytán is now studying the possibility of reappearing in soap operas.

“Thanks to you, my dearest public, who accompanied me on this adventure and filled my Triki with so many cheers and love, which I will always carry in my heart. I hope you know that everything I do on stage with such passion is for you, ”said the singer when the identity of the character she gave life to was revealed.

Later, during an interview with the Hoy program, the former member of the Timbiriche group in the 1990s, mentioned that she now intends to resume her acting career at the age of 50.

“Yes, there are plans, but as those of us who are in this medium and have been in this business for so many years always say, Until I’m recording, you can’t tell because the soup falls from the plate to the mouth“, pointed out the also wife of the singer Eduardo Capetillo.

And it is that after being one of the most attractive singers of her generation, Silvia Gaytán Barragán kept her stage name of Biby in a trunk to dedicate herself to being a full-time mother of five children and after a couple of decades she decided to return to Televisa, the company that forged his artistic career.

“That was completely her decision, and the truth is that I am infinitely grateful to her, that she has made that sacrifice for us, that she has always been a mother attentive to us and close. There is no way to pay for it, ”said Ana Paula Capetillo, daughter of Biby Gaytán, before she found out about the project that her mother would work on in her return to the recording forums.

Nevertheless, now the roles that would be assigned to him in soap operas will be very different from those he achieved in his heyday in front of the screen.

In 2019, those who became fans of the Tabasco singer were surprised by her return to the scene, although said incursion that time took place in the theater.

Then, the Covid-19 pandemic cut short Biby’s plan to relaunch her artistic career, but today she seems determined to try it one more time.

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