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Biby Gaytán boasts a look of impact in a ‘close up’ that would make anyone tremble

Biby Gaytan He is not afraid of what they will say and his most recent publication on social networks proves it, because she was seen more real than ever in a photograph that showed every detail of her skin, without retouching or filters! Here we tell you the details.

The star of melodramas like “Camila” and “Two women, one path” turned to her Instagram account to share with her followers what her favorite makeup look issame as always gets her “out of trouble” and makes her look elegant.

“’A look says more than 1000 words.’ This has been my favorite eye makeup for this holiday season, ”Biby Gaytán wrote to accompany a carousel of images in which a ‘close up’ or extreme approach to her honey look can be seen.

And although the makeup attracted dozens of appreciative comments, it meant a lot to the public that the famous woman showed herself without filters and without fear of revealing the texture of her skin.

For many it did not go unnoticed that at 50 years of age he has an enviable complexionand although one or another wrinkle can be seen in the photographs, these are almost imperceptible.

As a result of this feat, dozens of Internet users soon arrived and took the opportunity to compliment him.

“How come you don’t have wrinkles? We want to know your lifelong eye cream”; “Those eyes”; “Great, congratulations for doing that close up that many would not dare… The one who is beautiful is beautiful” and “Until I see eyes without a filter. Very well, the natural is the best ”, are some of the messages that Biby Gaytán received on the network.

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