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Bianca Ingrosso’s life is depicted in the new documentary “Imperiet Bianca”

In recent years, a camera team has followed Bianca Ingrosso in her fast-paced everyday life and documented her life, which has now resulted in a documentary. “The last few years have been a crazy roller coaster for me,” she writes on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @bianca-ingrosso

The 11th of May releases HBO Max the documentary Empire Bianca. It is a documentary series in 5 parts. In a post on Instagram, Bianca talks about the nerves before the premiere:

“Because right here I am honest, as honest as I have ever been before…”, she reveals.

Bianca Ingrosso about the documentary: “Fearful and nervous”

The documentary follows Bianca in her everyday life over the past few years and depicts both ups and downs.

“This documentary turned out to be so much more than I thought it would be and for that I am both proud, happy, confident, scared and nervous at the same time,” she writes in the post.

When does Empire Bianca premiere?

“Imperiet Bianca” premieres on HBO Max on May 11 and will also be seen on Kanal 5 and Discovery+.

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