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Bianca Ingrosso shares her dream holiday in Vemdalen

Recently, Bianca Ingrosso went on a lovely holiday in a cottage in Vemdalen, something she of course shared on social media. We take a closer look at the luxurious mountain cabin!

Photo: Instagram @biancaingrosso

Bianca Ingrosso’s first vacation in 2023 became a real winter dream when she spent a few days in an exclusive mountain cabin in Vemdalen together with friends Lovisa Worge and Armando Feola after New Year.

On Instagram, the influencer and entrepreneur shares photos of the picturesque vacation home, which boasts a fireplace, outdoor pool, and floor-to-ceiling windows with a magical view of the mountain landscape.

“I never want to leave this beautiful place”, writes Ingrosso in a post – and of course we understand her!

Check out Bianca Ingrosso’s wintry holiday paradise below!

If you want to rent the exclusive cottage in Vemdalen, you will find it here!

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