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Bianca Ingrosso opens up about what the relationship with Phillipe Cohen looks like today

Last summer, Bianca Ingrosso and Phillipe Cohen broke up after having a yo-yo relationship for several years. Now Bianca tells how she feels about her ex after their last meeting.

Photo: Instagram @biancaingrosso

It was in August 2022 that Bianca Ingrosso announced to her followers on Instagram that she and her boyfriend of several years, Phillipe Cohen, had gone their separate ways:

“I’ll actually be completely honest and say that I haven’t been this happy in many, many years. I have such a fucking tingle for my life,” she said at the time.

Later, Ingrosso said that the relationship with Cohen had been on the verge of ending for a long time:

“I actually think that [förhållandet med Phillipe] ended several years ago. We have been each other’s security and very close friends and very passionate, but all this make up and break up has probably taken a toll on us. I think that’s what happened,” says Ingrosso. “In the end, you just feel like, ‘No, you know what, I think we’re probably happier without each other,'” she said in a YouTube video last fall.

Photo: Instagram @flippcohen

This is what the relationship looks like today

In his latest vlog tells Bianca about how she and Phillipe relate to each other at the moment:

“Phillipe and I really have such a great relationship. It’s no drama, it’s no fuss. It’s really nothing negative at all. We just have such a nice, genuine respect for each other,” she says.

However, she does not believe that there would be a chance that they would find each other again in the future:

“We have really left on such good terms this time, which feels very nice. We definitely didn’t fight before when we broke up, but it’s been tough seeing him out and I’ve been thinking about him so much. We haven’t felt good with each other when we broke up before.”

Ingrosso also says that she and Cohen saw each other a week or so ago, when they ran into each other at Spy Bar:

“I was so happy to see him,” she says. “We said hello and hugged and talked like friends. It feels so nice and mature to finally be able to do it without making a scene.”

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