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By Sebastián Vélez, Marketing Manager for Intel Colombia and Peru

The video game industry is increasingly consolidating itself as one of the leaders in the global entertainment market, generating more than 175 billion dollars in 2021 and reporting a total of 3 billion gamersamong which, 289 million are located in Latin America. In Colombia the panorama is not different; Video games have become the sector with the greatest potential in the orange economy, being recognized as one of the protagonists of the Cultural and Creative Industries.

In its origins, at the end of the 70s, video games were seen as a hobby of a few. Today they are moving the behavior of the creative economy. Only between 2020 and 2021, the export of video games represented revenues of more than 2.2 million dollars, according to reports from ProColombia, an entity in charge of promoting foreign investment in the country.

It is expected that thanks to the advances of new technologies such as 5G and the cloud, the experience of gamers will be increasing. The proliferation of 5G will help reduce throttling and move some of the processing needed for graphics-intensive games to the cloud, meaning users will be able to experience high-end gaming from anywhere as long as they first understand their usage profiles and have a processor that meets your needs and collaborate so that there is no bottleneck in the most demanding tasks that are processed at the edge.

Likewise, the diversification of devices and the arrival of laptops in the 1990s revolutionized access to video games, generating a radical change in consumption habits.

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This is how technology advances throughout this industry in such a way that the market in general is also transformed. During its beginnings, video games were characterized by their children’s content aimed mainly at children and young people. Now those genres that were the most popular are the least used.

These changes have a reason for being, that has been due to the new user profile, according to a report developed by GoGamers in 2021, at the request of Intel, in which it is revealed that 21.6% of the gamers Colombians are between 20 and 24 years old and 18.5% between 25 and 29 years old. These new audiences are preferring other types of genres, among which action, adventure, arcade, sports and strategy stand out.

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It is evident that we are evolving in the way we perceive this entire gaming ecosystem. Beyond a simple entertainment activity, for many it becomes a profession, a way of relating, an element to train cognitive abilities, which means that it has definitely gone from being a habit of children or young people to becoming a whole movement. that is crossing borders and changing paradigms.

Everything related to the video game market is gaining more and more visibility and occupying different spaces. They are also being used in other industries such as education and health, taking into account that different reports support that they can improve motor coordination and logic, problem-solving skills and the ability of the mind to process information. Thus, we can conclude that the industry has undergone an important transformation in recent years and that it is expected to continue to have a positive impact not only on the economy but also on people’s daily lives.

Images: Photo by Matilda Wormwood, via Pexels

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