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Best shower oil 2022 – we list 9 favourites

The shower oil is a great rescue for many dry patches, while it both cleans and moisturizes. Below we list 9 favorites for the cold winter months.

Photo: Verso Skincare

Many people have problems with their skin during the winter. Dry and itchy skin can lead to both a bad mood and, in the worst case, you tear open small wounds that make the whole thing worse. To remedy dry, red and itchy skin, you should be careful to scrub away dead skin cells, moisturize properly with lotion, but you can also replace your shower cream with a nourishing shower oil.

Apply the oil in the hand, lubricate the body and rinse thoroughly. In general, the shower oil is generous and you can use relatively small amounts. You can also put a few drops in your bathtub before a long and warming bath. Below we list 9 favorites that can work wonders for dry and troubled skin.

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