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Best primer – How to get a perfect base with the expert’s best tips!

A primer is a product that makes your foundation last better. Make-up artist Sebastian Gradzik has shared with Kicks the best pro tips for a perfect base.

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Why then use a primer? A primer makes your makeup both look better and last longer. It changes the texture of the skin so that it looks both softer and smoother. If you have a good foundation, you also need to use less of your foundation.

How to apply primer

When applying primer, you can use your fingers and start from the center of the face. First let it sink in for a few seconds before applying your foundation. Just be sure to moisturize the skin before application. Skin care makes a big difference to how the makeup then looks.

Choose the right primer for your skin

Regardless of skin type, everyone needs a primer. Consider your skin when choosing a product, for dry skin it is good to use a more oily primer and for oily skin it is better to use a primer that minimizes pores, reduces shine and creates a perfect foundation for makeup. You can also try your hand at mixing different primers.

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Source: Kicks

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