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Best Plants for Indoors: What They Are

Having plants indoors is always good to revive the environment. However, not all plants do well indoors. This is mainly due to the low or no incidence of sunlight, which makes cultivation difficult, since many of them are very demanding when it comes to light. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, check below which are the best plants for indoors

What this article covers:

Plants for indoors

The Peace Lily is a great choice for indoors. (Photo Disclosure)

if you are looking indoor plants, some species such as bromeliads, peace lily, violets, flower of fortune, orchids and red anthurium are some options. Find out what each one needs for its cultivation:

Bromeliads: They are decorative flowers, ideal for any room in the house. Does not require frequent watering.

Violets: Famous and well known for its beautiful flowers. Violets cannot be watered often.

Peace lily: It has a long-lasting inflorescence. As the name mentions, the flower is said to bring peace to the environment.

Violets cannot be watered often. (Photo Disclosure)

Flower of fortune: With varied flowering, the plant is said to bring fortune and happiness. It has long-lasting flowering and needs a little more water than the previous ones.

Orchids: One of the most beautiful plants, orchids are great for indoors. It needs little water.

Red Anthurium: Because it is a plant that does not like a lot of sun, it is one of the favorites to have indoors. According to beliefs, it is a plant widely used to remove the evil eye. They are long-lived species.

frequent mistakes

One of the most beautiful plants, orchids are great for indoors. (Photo Disclosure)

Some species of plants are easy to cultivate, however errors are very common, especially with indoor plants. The most common thing is to think that the plant needs water and water it every day and in large quantities. However, as there is not much direct sunlight, water can accumulate, causing the root of the plant to decompose quickly. Another mistake, also very common, is to stop fertilizing with a specific flowering fertilizer.

As there is no specific rule established for each plant, the tip to cultivate it properly is to follow it closely. Paying attention to its reactions is the main care when growing it.

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