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Best paint colors for your home in 2015

Find out what are the Best paint colors for your home in 2015🇧🇷 Colors have the power to transform the mood of an environment and that is why choosing colors for the walls of your home must be an important moment. To help consumers choose, the companies that manufacture the most popular paints promote trends studies in several areas to publicize the colors of the year 2015.

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Best paint colors for your home in 2015 – Indigo blue is one of the trend colors for 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Best paint colors for your home in 2015

At best paint colors for your home in 2015 they can be chosen according to your taste or based on what the manufacturers selected as the trend color of the year we are in.

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The cedar shade is perfect for living room and kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

The company Akzo Nobel, which owns the Coral brand in Brazil, is always the first to launch its catalog of global trends created from studies carried out by researchers from all over the world. Called Color Futures, the study bet on the coppery orange tone for 2015 nicknamed Sombra de Cedro. The Brazilian Color Committee, which launches the Cecal palette every year in partnership with Eucatex, chose fuchsia as a Brazilian trend. Suvinil, which also conducts research focused on the country, went in the opposite direction to the Brazilian Color Committee and chose indigo blue as the color of 2015. Lukscolor followed almost the same line as Suvinil, but opted for a lighter blue , the Vesper blue.

How to choose the right paint for your home

Nothing better than diversifying an environment by painting it in a different color. Each tone gives a different sensation and has its respective meaning. Check it out below and find out which color to choose from best paint colors for your home in 2015 you prefer:

Fuchsia enlivens any environment (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Lilac – It is directly associated with intuition. As it calms and snuggles, it is ideal for resting places.
  • Red – Color of fire, emotions, and sex. In some cases, it can cause irritation.
  • Green – On the border between hot and cold, it represents hope. Stimulates silence and helps soften stress.

Vesper blue is calm and cheerful at the same time (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Yellow – Joy and fun. Activates reasoning and communication; so it’s great for spaces that depend on brain activity, such as study or work places.
  • Blue – Softens moods and helps to maintain patience. Stronger tones lead to introspection.
  • White – Symbol of peace and purity, it gives the feeling of cleanliness, but an all-white environment is dull.

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