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Best mascara for sensitive eyes – we list 7 favourites

Many people find it difficult to use mascara as it irritates the eyes and leads to troublesome eczema. However, several make-up brands have taken the problem seriously and tried to produce mascaras that are specially adapted for sensitive eyes. We list our eight favorites below!

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It is common to experience burning in the eyes when using mascara, so it can be good to have a little extra insight into which mascaras are adapted for sensitive eyes on the market. Most of these mascaras are often also allergy tested to work for those who may react to substances found in regular mascaras.

It is also important not to use other people’s mascaras or old mascaras with the risk of bacteria that can lead to eye inflammation. Some important guidelines when looking for a new mascara are that it should not clump, have good durability and not fall under the eyes, add volume, length, or both, and not irritate the eyes!

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