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Best mascara 2023! 13 winning mascaras in all price ranges

Finding your way in the mascara jungle can be difficult. Metro Mode has done the heavy lifting for you – here are the best wonders for your lashes.

Photo: Instagram @elsahosk

Difficult to find the right one

Today there are many mascaras that promise both one and the other. A really good mascara is your best weapon in your makeup bag. A good tip is to invest in two mascaras, one for everyday use and one for parties. But what is the optimal mascara? It’s easy to get lost among super mascaras with vibrating brushes, stiff combs and elastic rubber applicators.

Born in Chicago

In the late 1800s, women used petroleum jelly on their lashes as a colorless lash enhancer. In 1917 in Chicago, pharmacist Thomas Williams got the idea for what we now call mascara after seeing his sister Mabel use petroleum jelly on her eyelashes. The first mascara consisted of carbon pigment, wax and vaseline and was named Maybelline after her sister Mabel and line after vaseline.

That’s how you apply

Put all your focus on finding a brush that you can handle – you should be in control of the brush, not the other way around. Make sure to find a mascara that stays on all day and doesn’t fall off. Are you tired of mascara drying? A tip is to rotate the shaft when you take the brush up and down from the sleeve, to avoid air getting into the sleeve – then it stays fresher for much longer.

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