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Best heat protection – we list 12 favorites for all hair types

If you use styling tools regularly, heat protection is a hair care product you shouldn’t skip. Heat styling wears the most on the hair. Heat protection products wrap around the hair shaft and protect the hair against the harmful heat.

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Prevents wear and tear

Heat protection is essential if you use heat styling. The heat protection counteracts wear and tear that can occur when using heat tools. Split ends and broken hair are often due to heat styling, something that is prevented with heat protection. But even if you use heat protection, it can be good to use the styling tools on as low a heat as possible, the heat protections will not work if the heat tool is too hot.

A variety of heat protection to choose from

Apply the heat protectant from root to tip to damp hair before blow-drying or to dry hair before using a flat iron or curling iron. There is a variety of heat protection to choose from, both in spray form and in leave-in formula. Remember to never curl or straighten your hair until it is completely dry. Several heat protection products often have beneficial properties and a lovely scent that makes the product feel extra lovely and luxurious to use.

Below we list our 12 favorites with thermal protection – from budget to luxury!

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