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Best hair oil for all hair types – we list our favourites

A good hair oil can do wonders for frizzy and damaged hair. It’s an easy way to reduce flyaways, tame frizz, protect against heat and repair your frizz.

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Hair oil often consists of a mixture of different oils with a light consistency so as not to weigh down the hair. Most of the time, you only need a few drops to add a little extra shine and softness. You can also use the oil towel-dried or as a leave-in treatment when the hair is dry. On curly hair, the oil can be used more generously, and you can give your hair a little extra love every day with a drop or two on the ends.

Already used in ancient Greece

The history of hair oil goes back a long way, and already in ancient Greece it was popular to care for the hair with oil. Due to the softening, protective and moisturizing properties of the oil, it is a popular product for caring for both hair and scalp. For a really effective treatment, you can massage a few drops into the scalp before night for extra nourishment and hydration, even your scalp needs a little extra love!

Today there is a whole host of different oils with different properties that are better and worse for different hair types. Experiment and focus on finding one that suits your needs, some are better for fine hair and others for curly or dry hair. If you regularly use heating tools, your hair feels good from being regularly enriched with a wonderful oil.

Below we have listed our favourites!

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