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Best foundation for dry skin

Many people experience problems with foundation exacerbating dryness and settling into fine lines in a cakey and dry way. Below we list the best products for dry skin that guarantee a hydrated feeling full of glow!

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Tips for dry skin on the face

A moisturized base is the most important key to success with your makeup. For those of you who have problems with dry skin, regularly use skin care products designed for your skin type and don’t forget to moisturize your skin properly at the end of the day, after cleansing your face and removing the day’s makeup.

An editorial favorite is Weleda skin food which is a light face cream that moisturizes even dry skin. With its fast-absorbing formula full of natural ingredients, it is a safe foundation in the bathroom cabinet. It also prevents moisture loss during the day. Well-moisturized skin provides the best conditions for your makeup base to apply evenly and last throughout the day. Feel free to choose products with natural and organic ingredients.

To maximize shine and glow even on dry skin, a foundation that suits your needs is required. As soon as the foundation is laid and the face is moisturized, you are ready for a foundation that does the rest of the work. Below we list our favorites for dry skin!

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