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Best Face Scrub 2023 – 18 Best Selling Favorites

There are few bathroom routines that beat the feeling of scrubbing your skin clean with a really good face scrub. Every day, millions of new skin cells are formed on the body and the skin may need a little extra help in getting rid of the old ones. The peeling also makes your skin smoother, cleaner and softer.

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Powder, cream, gel and spray – there are facial peels in many different designs, with the common goal of smoothing and cleaning the skin in depth. Invest in exfoliating your face once a week and thus make the skin more prepared and receptive to subsequent products.

What types of peels are there?

Peeling is the fastest way to perk up the skin and you get a radiant result full of glow in no time. With the help of the right peeling, you can avoid blockages such as blackheads and, in the worst case, acne. The type of peel you should use depends on your skin type. Grain peeling, also called mechanical peeling, exfoliates and cleans in depth. This works perfectly for those who want a slightly stronger peeling. Enzyme peeling is a smooth and soft gel or cream form that works a bit like a face mask. An acid peeling dissolves the bonds between the old and new skin cells.

Always follow the instructions on the product you use and be sure to moisturize your face afterwards with a cream, oil or other moisturizing product. Below we have listed our favourites!

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