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Best face oil for dry skin – we list 15 favorites

The face oil can do wonders for your skin, as long as you have a little patience. It covers where the face cream is not enough and gives you hydrated, elastic skin while it can cure fine lines. Below we list our favorites right now!

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When the cold tests the skin the worst, a face cream is not always enough for the skin’s need for hydration. With a face oil, however, you can maximize your moisture level, strengthen the skin barrier and add nourishment at the same time. It also locks moisture into the skin so that it is not lost during the day.

However, many people think that it is only dry skin that needs to use oil, but if the truth is to be seen, even oily skin (with the help of the right oil) can get the skin in order. The right oil helps to dissolve excess sebum in the pores and inhibits inflammation, while also managing surface dryness!

But there are 2 rules:

• ALWAYS apply face oil to damp skin – NEVER on dry skin, otherwise you run the risk of the skin being saturated with fat and risking becoming drier in the long run. (Moisturized skin? This is where the facial mist comes in!)

• Do not overdose! It is enough with 2-5 drops that you pat/press into the skin. Drop the oil onto your fingertips and pat in.

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