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Best eye masks 2023 – we list 11 best-selling favourites

Do you also want to find a way to banish dark circles and puffiness under your eyes when you wake up in the morning? With the right eye mask, it’s an easy match! We list our best-selling favorites below!

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In just a few minutes, the swelling and dark circles, which look like seven difficult years, are a thing of the past! Whether you had a bad night’s sleep or maybe slept too long, it’s a common problem many people struggle with. But with the right eye mask, you can banish the tired feeling on your face in just a few minutes.

Eye masks, or eye patches as they are also called, are specially adapted to the thin and sensitive skin we have around the eyes. Everything from poor sleep, to stress and other influences can therefore leave a mark right there, and lead to us waking up with the feeling of having a straight right eye in each eye.

Maximize beauty sleep by applying an eye sleeping mask that works while you sleep. Our absolute favorite is the Eye Sleeping Mask from Laneige – Price: SEK 429. It deeply moisturizes the skin and reduces swelling.

Check out our favorites among the eye masks below!

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