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Best Digital Banks of 2022

Nowadays one of the most complicated tasks in the financial environment is to find the best digital banks in 2022since they are the most varied possibilities offered by social networks and other platforms.

This is because, far beyond the possibilities offered by physical banks, there are also digital ones that offer several advantages. So, to help you in this search for the ideal bank, we’ve brought you a list of the best options.

Read on to learn more about the best options.

What this article covers:

Discover the best digital banks in 2022

Digital banks are gaining more and more space in the market every day, as they offer various facilities in the daily lives of those who own them, such as having access to all their expenses with just a few taps within the application.

Bear in mind that all fintechs that offer this type of service have their differentials to attract more and more attention from their customers.


Let’s start talking about one of the most beloved digital banks by people, the Nubankwhich is responsible for accepting even people who have a regular score, not having an annuity charge, not even a minimum income for credit card approval.

When making the request, which is completely digital, you will have access to a completely free digital account that yields 100% of the CDI in whatever value is available in it, without having to make any application.

Among its advantages are:

  • The possibility of payment by approximation, to make your days even easier;
  • International MasterCard Flag, which allows purchases in national and foreign territory;
  • A complete application, so that you can control all your expenses, being able to adjust the limit so you don’t spend more than you can;
  • Virtual credit card to bring greater security to your online purchases, which can be deleted as many times as you want.

In relation to the other banks that we will mention here, we can say that Nubank’s main differential is the fact that it makes credit available in an easy way, normally with a low limit of 50 reais, but allowing people to show that they are good payers and to be able to handle a higher limit.

Banco Inter

Another good option is the Banco Interthe first digital bank to be regulated by the Central Bank and responsible for offering all types of banking services through its application.

To access your credit card, you must open a digital account at the bank and being accepted into the account does not guarantee that the credit limit will be released.

Even if you open the account and do not get a limit pre-approved by the bank, there is a possibility that you can get it, for that you need to make an investment in CDB Mais Limite de Crédito and the amount you invest will be your limit.

In addition to this advantage, the Banco Inter credit card has the following benefits:

  • Exclusive store within the application responsible for giving cashback to partners;
  • Credit card with no annual fee under the MasterCard International brand;
  • Access to a virtual credit card for safer purchases on the internet;
  • Possibility of making payment by approximation;
  • Card with debit and credit function;
  • Among other advantages.


Another digital bank option is the Nextresponsible for bringing an annual fee-free card, with no minimum income requirement and still has all the benefits of the Visa brand.

As the main differential of this bank, are the exclusive treats available to its customers and to access them, just use your credit card.

Treats come in the form of discounts at the various stores that partner with the bank, covering the most varied areas from games to education, and best of all, they are also available for those who use the debit modality.

More benefits of the card are:

  • Access to the benefits of the Vai de Visa Program;
  • You can change your application without spending your internet;
  • Access to a virtual card responsible for making life easier for customers who like to shop online;
  • Expense management application;
  • Possibility to get cashback!

As with the other options, you can have access to all these benefits without leaving home, just by making the request through the computer or through the application!

C6 Bank

Finally, we have the C6 Bank which offers a credit card with the MasterCard brand without charging an annuity, with consultation with the SPC and Serasa. Because of this, the chance of approval may be low if you have a negative name.

In the same way as with Banco Inter, to access the credit card it is necessary to have a digital bank account, which is completely free of fees and all its management can be done through the application.

One of the main differentials in relation to other digital banks is the fact that the credit card offered by C6 Bank is fully customizable. You can choose from the color options and even put the name you want to use it.

Check out the other benefits, such as:

  • Átomos points programs, available for any C6 Bank card, whether with annuity or without;
  • Possibility of making the payment of physical bills through approximation;
  • Access to an additional card completely free of charge;
  • Access to a personalized store within the application with unmissable conditions;
  • Among many other advantages.

Contrary to what happens with Nubank, those people who have an average score may find it difficult to be accepted in the card’s credit analysis, as it is more rigorous than the others.

Now that you already know the best digital banks in 2022, just choose yours. Leave in the comments what your choice is.

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