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Best concealer trick for mature skin and fine lines

We all relate to our aging in different ways, but it is a fact that the ravages of time leave their mark, not least through fine lines on the face. It can pose a challenge when it comes to makeup. Below we tell you how to go about applying concealer in the best way when the wrinkles have started to appear!

Thanks to the YouTuber Kimberly, who made herself famous with the account Pretty Over Fifty, we now know how to best apply make-up to mature skin. Her clever tricks and hacks for how to make up skin with fine lines and wrinkles are a great help to many of us. Find out how to do it below!

How to succeed with concealer on mature skin

  1. Apply concealer under the eye.
  2. Use a finger to spread the concealer.
  3. Take a make-up sponge and press where you applied concealer.
  4. Take a fixing spray and spray the back of your hand and then take a finger and dip it into the spray.
  5. Dab under the eye.
  6. Let dry for a few minutes.
  7. Apply powder.

Check out Kimberley’s video below!

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