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Best concealer 2023 – 13 best-selling favorites that cover and deliver great results

Are you looking for a really great concealer that covers, gives a natural result and lasts all day? Below we have listed our best selling favourites!

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Best Concealer 2023

We can probably all agree that a good concealer is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, we have collected the best products that can be clicked home right now, so that you can find the concealer that suits you best.

Below you will find our useful tips for choosing and applying concealer for a natural result that lasts all day!

What color of concealer should I wear?

The color of concealer you should choose depends on what you are trying to hide:

  • Blue and purple tones under the eyes: Opt for a yellow or peach colored concealer to neutralize blue and purple tones.
  • Red areas: To hide red areas (superficial blood vessels, red nose wings and scars, for example) we recommend a green concealer.
  • Yellow areas: Try a purple-toned concealer.

A general tip is to invest in a concealer that has a slightly lighter shade than your own skin tone to brighten and give the skin a glow.

Do you have to put powder over concealer?

Powder not only makes the concealer last longer, it also gives a smoother and better-looking result. After applying concealer, apply powder using a large brush or a beauty blender. A transparent setting powder gives a natural and matte result.

7 useful concealer tips!

1. A rule of thumb is to always apply concealer after BB cream or foundation – if you apply the products in reverse order, you risk smearing the concealer.

2. Use an eye cream before applying concealer under the eyes. It gives a smoother and more beautiful result, especially on dry skin.

3. For applying liquid concealer under the eyes: Dab four to five small dabs of concealer under the eye and distribute the product using a makeup sponge.

4. Apply the concealer with a brush or makeup sponge – not your fingers. The heat from the fingers causes the concealer to easily stick to them, which in turn means that less product stays on the face.

5. If you have mature skin, go for a concealer with a creamy texture. These products are less likely to cake or flake.

6. If you are going to cover a pimple, first apply the concealer and wait a while for it to dry a bit before dabbing the product. Then the concealer covers better.

7. In case of emergency, you can use foundation that has dried on the lid instead of concealer. It often has a thicker consistency and therefore covers better.

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