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Best cities to live in Brazil according to the UN

Do you want to know what are the best cities to live in Brazil according to the UN?? The cities listed in the ranking below were considered the best in the areas of education, income and life expectancy, according to UN indexes.

These municipalities are part of the select group of cities with a degree of development considered “very high” in the Municipal Human Development Index (HDIM), released today by UNDP, a United Nations agency, in partnership with the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) and the João Pinheiro Foundation.

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Best Cities to Live in Brazil

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Best cities to live: HDI higher than Brazil

At best cities in Brazil to live they have IDHM higher than 0.8; and the average in Brazil today is 0.727, considered high (but not very high, as in these municipalities). The indicator, which ranges from 0 to 1 – and the closer to 1, the better – is similar to the famous HDI calculated for the countries of the world, but some national methodological adaptations were made.

Therefore, according to UNDP, it is not possible to compare the numbers of entire countries to Brazilian cities with this survey.

Best cities in Brazil to live in have good life expectancy

The IDHM is not exactly an indicator of quality of life, but keep in mind that these cities have high levels of education, long life expectancy and high income, that is, they are excellent places to live.

Evaluating only the result of the Brazilian capitals Florianópolis (SC) was the best, Florianópolis (SC).

Brazilian cities with quality of life (Photo: Disclosure)

Best cities to live in Brazil according to the UN

Check out the complete list of the 20 now best cities from Brazil to live??

1st São Caetano do Sul (SP) – HDI 0.862

2nd Águas de São Pedro (SP) – HDI 0.854

3rd Florianópolis (SC) – HDI 0.847

4th Victory (ES) – IDHM 0.845

5th Balneário Camboriú (SC) – HDI 0.845

6th Santos (SP) – IDHM 0.840

7th Niterói (RJ) – IDHM 0.837

8th Joaçaba (SC) – IDHM 0.827

9th Brasília (DF) – IDHM 0.824

10th Curitiba (PR) – HDI 0.823

11th Jundiaí (SP) – HDI 0.822

12th Valinhos (SP) – IDHM 0.819

13th Vineyard (SP) – IDHM 0.817

14th Araraquara (SP) – HDI 0.815

15th Santo André (SP) – HDI 0.815

16th Santana de Parnaíba (SP) – HDI 0.814

17th Nova Lima (MG) – HDI 0.813

18th Single Island (SP) – HDI 0.812

19th Americana (SP) – IDHM 0.811

20th Belo Horizonte (MG) – HDI 0.810

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