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Best Card Machines in Brazil

With each passing day the question “Do you accept cards?” grows more in the market, and for anyone who wants to sell more, there is nowhere to run, it has become necessary to embrace card machines.

Whether your establishment is large or small, physical or just virtual, having card machines is essential so that there is no loss of sales and that your business has a broader reach.

The card machines connected to the cell phone are the cheapest of the options that can be found for those who wish to receive via card, either debit or credit, but the key question is which one would be the best? This is what we will analyze here.

What this article covers:

What is the best card machine in Brazil?

When we talk about acquiring card machines it is necessary to choose one to carry out the acquisition and start making your sales. However, here comes a big problem, choosing the best one.

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There are many card machines available on the market, which vary in size, value, rate, advantages, resources available, among other issues. In the ranking of card machines we have: Minizinha NFC, SumUp Top, Stone Ton T1, Mercadopago Point Mini NFC1 and Zettle. These are the best card machines in Brazil

How to choose the ideal machine for me?

The ideal choice among card machines will always vary from the professional and his business. This variation occurs to the detriment of their demands and needs.

Checking, in a very analytical way, which is the best alternative for your business, below are some points that need to be taken into account when making your choice, as they will help you a lot in this process.

  • Sales volume: If your sales volume is high, the card machine must have good technical quality.
    Price: If you are going to pay more, check if it comes with extra functions, depending on the case, paying a little more may be worth it.
  • Cards Accepted: There is no point in choosing one among the card machines that does not accept all brands, or at least most of the most used ones on the market. Check this point, as your card machine needs to pass the flags that your customers usually use.
  • Fees: What is the most used card payment method? Debt? Credit? So choose the one that has the lowest rate within the form that is most used by your customers.
  • Location: Do you work in an office or on the streets? Do you go to the customer, or does he come to you? Check battery life, size, weight. Features that need to be taken into account.
  • Voucher: Many want paper voucher. If your customers are those who always want to receive a receipt, then choosing among the card machines one that prints a receipt will be essential.
  • Balance: For those who do not have a bank account, it is necessary to choose a machine that has a prepaid card as a solution or that connects to a digital account.

Put everything on the scale and decide which little machine you should buy.

What are the advantages of the best card machine in Brazil?

Among all card machines, the one that always comes first is the one known as Minizinha NFC, it has some models and the best is chip 3. It is considered by many to be the most advantageous.

You can take it anywhere, it has a battery life of up to 6 hours, mobility and connectivity via wi-fi and chip, an extremely affordable cost of 12x R$ 8.90, plus it accepts all flags, QR Codes, Pix and digital wallets, and also receive approximation. In addition, it comes with a free chip and data plan.

When we talk about card machines, the fee charged is something that always comes to mind, we also analyze which card machines have the cheapest rate in Brazil.

What is the card machine with the cheapest rate in Brazil

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The best are the machines that are part of SumUp and Mercado Pago. They are at the highest level of the simple ranking because SumUp’s rates stand out as the best debit, best early cash credit, best early installments, best monthly balance installments and one of the best 30-day cash credits.

The Mercado Pago machines for having one of the best 30-day cash credits, best 30-day installments, one of the best early installments, early cash credit and one of the best debits as well.

Which card machine prints receipt?

Not all card machines print receipts as customers wish, these are specific machines.

These machines are more suitable for those who work directly at the counter, as they are larger and handle a high volume of sales per day on the card. Among the card machines that have these characteristics, the best are: SumUp Total, Moderninha Pro, and Stone Ton T3

Card machines are currently in great demand, as they contribute on a large scale so that businesses do not lose sales opportunities and thus can grow in their customer service. Not risking it, but adding even more ease, convenience, security, and also an increase in sales.

If before, acquiring a card machine was not something that entrepreneurs thought so much about, today it is becoming increasingly impossible not to have one. There are many resources they provide, but of course not all have the same resources, some have more and others less.

Their values ​​vary, percentage in fees, being higher or lower, with more resources or less, a higher rate with more utilities, or lower with less utilities, card machines have become key pieces for those who want to expand their sales.

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