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Best bronzer and sun powder – Give your skin a sun-kissed look

There are many ways to create a summer-fresh complexion with bronzer. Help summer on its way and fill the make-up bag with bronzing products. Below we guide you to a perfect sun-kissed look.

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A suntan powder can do wonders for your face, if applied correctly! You get the sun-kissed feeling best by applying the bronzer where the sun’s rays naturally hit the face. In this way, you can fake a light tan, give the skin a beautiful glow and shine, and you also perk up the skin and make it look both fresh and healthy!

Regardless of skin color, shimmering bronze becomes 24 carats on everything from lips, nails, eyes and complexion. Today’s bronze products are also anything but fake – they give a light sun-kissed effect that can easily be built on depending on how much “colour” you want. An important thing to think about, however, is what you want the sun powder to do and that you take into account your skin type.

This is how you take your skin type into account when choosing a bronzer

Do you have combination/oily skin? – look for a sunscreen with sebum-absorbing ingredients or that is oil-free as your skin may feel better. Maybe you should choose a matte powder so that your makeup lasts better?

Do you have dry/mature skin? – Today, most sunscreens are pretty moisturizing, but maybe a liquid version suits you better? Invest in a shade that gives luster and glow to the skin.

Do you have normal/combination skin? – Choose freely! Maybe you want to combine different ones? A slightly more matte powder on the forehead will be nice, while a luminous powder on the cheeks will lift even more.

What are the most common mistakes people make when applying sunscreen?

You choose a color that is too dark – go a maximum of two colors darker than your own skin tone!

You use the sun powder like a normal powder – if you want more color on your face, it’s better to invest in a good tan without the sun.

You use bronzer as a contour – a sun powder should not be marked. Be light on your hand when applying.

You use the same brush for everything – have a brush for your blush and a separate one for your sun powder. That alone makes a difference!

This is how you use your sunscreen in the best way

1. Choose solid or liquid bronzer

Bronzing products are available in both powder form and liquid bronzer. Which one suits you best depends on your skin type and taste. Powders are easier to use and suit most people. If you have oily skin, it also has a mattifying effect. Dry skin instead gets a hydrated finish with liquid bronzer. Creamy products also give a lighter impression, which suits you who are looking for as natural a look as possible.

2. Find the right color and finish

Be based on your skin tone and skin type when choosing the color and finish of your bronzing products. A color that is one to two shades darker than your skin is best. Shimmer gilds all skin tones and the glow makes dry skin look softer, while a matte product is a better choice for oily skin.

3. Apply in the right places

The key to a nice sun-kissed look is the placement, i.e. where you apply your bronzing products. Better a little product on a few well-chosen points, than a lot and everywhere on the face. Focus on the cheeks, temples and also a little on the chin and possibly along the bridge of the nose, where the sun shines naturally usually gives the most color.

How do I contour with bronzer?

To accentuate your features, apply bronzer under your cheekbones to create the illusion of higher cheekbones. Top with blush and highlighter!

A tip to take with you and something good to keep in mind when applying your sun powder is to work from the inside out with light circles. The technique creates a nice and natural result that makes your burn look even better.

Below we’ve listed some favorites and news to help you along the way!

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