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Best Apps to Learn C++ Programming

In today’s world, programming has become one of the smartest and most demanding professions. So, if you are an IT person and looking for great Android Best Apps to Learn C++ Programming for developers and programmers, you have come to the right place.

As learning becomes more digital, the demand for programmers also increases. Everything you use in computers, smartphones or any other digital device is the result of programming. So, learning this skill also requires a lot of potential. So we have the best and trusted Android apps for developers and programmers. With these apps, you can continue learning from anywhere.Best Apps to Learn C++ Programming

It’s never too late to learn to code. While the notions of programming are now discussed with the youngest in school, many adults would like to do the same. To help adults and children get started, Telecharger.com has selected the best Android, iPhone and iPad applications to learn how to develop.

List of Best Android Best Apps to Learn C++ Programming in 2022

Although many of these apps are available on the internet, we have listed the best among all Android apps for developers and programmers for everyone new and experienced. These apps are sorted based on their content, functions, and facilities


Encode takes the basics of JavaScript programming and is suitable for those who have never been confronted with a line of code before. The courses taught are illustrated by interactive examples thanks to which you put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. Each topic covered gains in complexity as you progress and knows how to take advantage of what you have learned during previous lessons.

Alongside the basic principles of programming, Encode emphasizes web development. Specialized lessons and tutorials teach you how to use HTML and CSS correctly, giving you all the tools you need to build sophisticated websites.

The +:
+ Covers the basics of programming from the beginning
+ Impeccable pedagogy
+ Interactive examples integrated into the lessons

The -:
– Few languages ​​covered
– In English only



Enki offers you to select the programming elements to work on as well as your level for each module. To ensure your attendance and enhance its effectiveness, the app encourages you to set up a daily reminder. Sessions never last more than five minutes and adapt to your user profile.

Ideal for starting to code as well as for deepening your skills as a developer, Enki cuts each topic covered into five intelligible academic lessons. Bookmark support allows you to mark important courses that you want to read again later. Each completed session unlocks a mini-game relating to what you have just learned testing your new knowledge.

The +:
+ Adapts to the defined user profile
+ Daily short format
+ Various programming elements covered (Java, JavaScript, Python, web, git, Linux, general computer knowledge)
+ Supports bookmarks for easier later proofreading

Cons :
– Lack of interactive examples and exercises
– In English only

Download Enki for Android (Free)
Download Enki for iPhone / iPad (Free)


SoloLearn brings together a significant number of programming elements, promising to quickly initiate neophytes. The languages ​​are presented through a series of lessons mixing both the generalities and the specificities specific to each one. All lessons are punctuated by short summary exercises and quizzes that consolidate your new knowledge.

SoloLearn insists on the playful and collective dimension that governs the app. You can stimulate tedious learning by challenging other budding developers through the platform. Select a language and an opponent before participating in a knowledge duel. The more you play, the more XP points you earn and can level up within the community.

The +:
+ Impressive number of languages ​​covered (C++, C#, Python, PHP, Java, HTML, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Ruby)
+ Interactive lessons
+ Playful dimension that facilitates learning
+ Integrated self-help forum

The -:
– In English only
– No iOS version centralizing all languages

Download SoloLearn for Android (Free)
Download SoloLearn C++ , C# , CSS , HTML , Java , JavaScript , PHP , Python , Ruby , Swift for iPhone/iPad (Free)


Programming Hub derives its strength from the number of languages ​​supported by the application. The lessons taught are intended to be clear and exhaustive, addressing generalities and specificities of the programming elements on which you are working. A very rich index of terms and tags offers plenty of examples illustrating the courses.

Unlike the other applications mentioned above, Programming Hub does not offer application exercises or mini-games. On the other hand, there is a compiler that gives free rein to your inventiveness. Then all you have to do is copy your projects to the clipboard to save them locally or share them with others.

The +:
+ Very large number of languages ​​supported (C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, VB, Swift)
+ Complete courses on other elements of programming (Assembly, Linux shell scripts, JQuery, ASP.Net)
+ Massive sample library
+ Built-in compiler

The -:
– No application exercise
– Mainly in English


Children also learn to code on mobile

Code Karts

From the age of 4, children are introduced to programming with Code Karts . They learn to anticipate and trace the route of a racing car on a circuit made up of straight lines and turns. To achieve this, they have blocks of different colors, each associated with a specific direction. By placing them in the correct order, they allow the vehicle to cross the finish line without an accident.

Code Karts is intended to be progressive. The first levels help the youngest to assimilate the mechanisms of the application before stimulating their logical reasoning. The more they evolve, the more they are confronted with complex circuits. A competitive mode pits them against the computer, training their minds to think quickly.

The +:
+ Perfectly intuitive
+ Progressive method to reinforce new knowledge
+ Two game modes to further stimulate minds

The -:
– Few circuits in free version



More complex, but also more complete, Lightbot is aimed at 8-12 year olds. Children learn to program the movements of a small robot on a tile board using basic controls: move forward, jump, turn, turn on. The more young players progress in learning, the more the controls become more complex with the addition of containers and patterns.

Lightbot follows clearly structured hands-on instruction. After acquiring the basics, children move on to assimilating procedures and loops. Everything is explained in a very educational way to ensure understanding of the concept and mechanisms of programming. A quality that even allows the game to address adults wishing to grasp some basic principles that escape them in terms of development.

The +:
+ Advanced teaching
+ Pedagogical and perfectly well built
+ Several save slots available
+ Also aimed at adults who are less familiar with programming

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Even if you have no desire to get into the field of development, it can be very beneficial to learn computer coding:

  • It will help you manage websites better
  • This will reduce reliance on an external developer for your own projects
  • It will give you the freedom to easily create apps, websites and other projects

Whether you want to start your own career as a programmer, learn how to build websites, or create projects for fun, this job is for you. Now, let’s find out the best sites online where you can learn to code for free.

Here are the 25 Best Apps to Learn C++ Programming for free:


  • 1.BitDegree
  • 2. Coursera
  • 3. Academy Code
  • 4.edX
  • 5. Khan Academy
  • 6. Code wars
  • 7.Code.org
  • 8.Udemy
  • 9. Dash General Assembly
  • 10. Free Code Camp
  • 11. CodeConquest
  • 12. MIT Open Courseware
  • 13. The Odin Project
  • 14. W3Schools
  • 15. Hackr.io
  • 16. Bento.io
  • 17. Avengers Code
  • 18. SoloLearn
  • 19. Google Android Training
  • 20. Upskill
  • 21. Plural Sight
  • 22. Codeasy.net
  • 23. Hack.pledge()
  • 24. aGupieWare
  • 25. Edabit
  • Conclusion


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