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Best android/IOS apps in 2022 | Wise Trendz

We bring you our annual collection with the best Android apps of 2022 , where you will have a varied collection, including the best apps launched in 2022 . The idea is that if you buy a mobile this year, beyond the most classic and well-known Best android apps, you also have a variety of app alternatives to try.

For this reason, in this article we are not going to focus only on the recently launched apps , but we will join the new ones with the old and essential ones, and we will add some other lesser-known app to give it more color. In addition, we will be updating this article on a regular basis , so that if you visit it in a few weeks or months you will have even more applications to se Best android apps e.

, we are aware that in this compilation we may have left out an application that you may consider essential or one of the best. Therefore, we invite you to leave us your suggestions in the comments section so that other readers can also benefit from the knowledge . Best android apps


Let’s start with AccuBattery, an application with which to measure the cycles of your mobile’s battery and thus take better care of its health. The app counts the charging cycles that you carry out since you have it installed, so it is perfect for those newly purchased mobiles.

Based on these cycles and your charging habits, the app will calculate the approximate battery health of your mobile so that you can measure its wear. It will also tell you the voltage, the load you have and the load history, as well as the temperature of the mobile

Amazon photos

Amazon photos

Amazon Photos is not a new application, but after “the fall of Google Photos” , it has become one of the main alternatives . It’s not that it’s free, but it’s included in the Amazon Prime subscription. Best android apps

Its main feature is that it allows you to upload all the photos you want without any space limit and without any loss of quality, something interesting if you are a photographer and work with RAW images. The negative part is that you only have 5 GB to upload videos, and if you want more space for them, you will have to checkout.

APKMirror Installer

This is an app that is a couple of years old now, but is still evolving and is still completely essential for advanced users installing apps from outside of Google Play . It is the official installer of the APK Mirror repository, one of the most famous in the world where you can find the APK installers of the different versions of each Android app, whether or not they are in the official mobile store.

The application will not help you download the Best android apps in APK format, you will have to continue doing it by hand. What it will do is help you manage and install those APK files extremely easily.



Despite being in the middle of 2022, there is still time for new social networks to try to find a place. In this context, Be.Real is one of the last to try it at the end of last year. Its proposal is to share content with friends following strict rules: only two minutes to create photos, and all contacts share the content created at the same time.

Therefore, this social network not only opens the door for you to share content with your friends like the others do, but also adds the fun of all the content being published at the same time and then everyone can react to it at the same time. what others share. All this, with a limited time to think about what you want to share.


Canva is one of those tools that are essential any year, since they allow anyone without much knowledge to make many design creations. In Basics we have already talked to you in depth and we have offered you several tricks for its desktop version.

With Canva you will be able to create images and compositions for your social networks, whether they are stories or Instagram posts or any other. It’s like an easy version of Photoshop, with up to 60,000 free templates created by professionals , and the ability to explore its paid version if you need a little more.

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Clubhouse Best android apps

Clubhouse is one of those Best android apps that has made it fashionable to create open audio chat rooms , something like a radio station, but on a social and open platform so that people who are listening can participate. To this day, there are many platforms that have adopted this format with better or worse luck, but Clubhouse is still one of the greats.

Clubhouse will allow you to find broadcasts with all kinds of themes , and join them to listen to them or participate. All this with a system of avatars and personal profiles. The good thing is that everything has a tag system with which you can choose your favorite topics so that chat rooms related to them are recommended to you.



This is a translator who competes with the great translators in the sector. The great asset of Deepl is to offer a translation model of the highest quality and fidelity , and that far exceeds competitors such as Google Translator. It shines especially in the expressions, and offers the possibility of translating in 26 languages.

Deepl for Android offers two different writing blocks: the upper one, dedicated to the introduction of what needs to be translated, and the lower one, where you will find the translations. You will be able to paste words or texts to translate them and copy the results. You can even listen to the audio pronunciation of the words.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


DuckDuckGo has long been the great reference in privacy for those looking for an alternative to the Google search engine, and its managers have decided to go one step further with a web browser focused on privacy . DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is a browser with the best protections to maintain your privacy when you browse.

Electron – battery health info

health battery

Without hot cloths, this is one of the best and most beautiful apps to have all the information about the battery of your mobile . On its main screen you will see real-time battery information with two essential data, such as its health or its real capacity. This way you will be able to know its level of degradation and if it is necessary to replace it.

And to take better care of your battery capacity, Electron lets you set alarms for charge level . You already know that to maximize the useful life of the mobile battery it is advisable to always keep it between 20 and 80% and the app will allow you to create notifications to know when it drops or goes above those levels.



Google’s Gboard keyboard has an emoji matching feature . But if you don’t want to have the Google keyboard to be able to do this, Emojimix is ​​an application that allows you to create this type of combination of emojis to obtain completely unique and fun ones, adding functions such as saving to favorites.

The app offers two carousels of Emojis you can move. By combining them, you can create a single new emoji from the previous ones in the form of a sticker. You will be able to copy this sticker and then paste it into the application you want. Perfect, for example, to use them in your WhatsApp or Telegram chats .

Best android apps



An application that seeks to offer an alternative to free Spotify past music from YouTube and other third-party free music platforms. It does all this with an interface very similar to Spotify, and offering options that you usually find on other payment platforms.

The disadvantage of this system is that the audio quality may not always be good , and playback may sometimes fail. After all, it always depends on third-party music. You also have search and playlist creation options.


Expose Best android apps

Expose is an application to give your photos a different touch by adding various types of effects , specializing in neon colors to give them a cyberpunk air. It offers you more than twenty effects and filters with neons, glitches and various distortions.


Faceplay Best android apps

Throughout 2021, several applications based on creating deep fakes were launched, so it is not surprising that we are going to propose more than one in this list. Its operation is quite simple, you just have to upload a photo and choose the effect you want to apply. Then you will see the face in the photo come to life by lending the face to fun animations.

FacePlay offers you a variety of videos to add the face you want, all in a free app but with ads. This is a Chinese application quite oriented to that market, so you’re going to see a lot of color and ethnic clothing among the possibilities you have when creating your videos. This will help you give them a different touch.

Gasoline and Diesel Spain


This is being a convulsive year in relation to the price of gasoline, so it does not hurt to have nearby and localized applications such as Gasoline and Diesel Spain . It is an app that helps you find the cheapest gas stations in your area , so you know where to go directly to refuel.

It is one of those humble but effective apps. It will order you from lowest to highest fuel prices at gas stations near us, to be able to see them all in list format. In addition, it integrates with Google Maps so that after choosing one we can easily reach it.


I admit it. In this list I have tried to include the freshest applications possible, but there are some classic ones like Google’s Gboard that cannot be missing from any compilation . It is a keyboard for your mobile full of options, and that integrates with many of the Google services.

In this keyboard you can use the Google translator as if it were an extension, or search for emojis. You can also create custom stickers with your face to use in any app, write in two languages ​​at once, or use your clipboard between apps . Perhaps, if you are one of those people who are very concerned about privacy, you will not be amused that Google can know what you write, but in return you have a very versatile keyboard.


It would be cheating to start adding all streaming platforms to the list, but we are going to add HBO Max for being one of the last to arrive. It is not an evolution of HBO, but something similar to Disney +, but from WarnerMedia, in which it includes all the content of all the entertainment platforms it has.

This means that you will find content from HBO, DC, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network and Max Originals among many others. In addition, it has the incentive that the Warner film releases will arrive 45 days later on HBO Max , so you will always have quite fresh content to watch in addition to other series and productions.



This is an application with which you will be able to order and better manage your screenshots . The app has an AI system that recognizes screenshots and categorizes them by app. It will also allow you to classify them manually. And then, you can search for them with its search engine, manage them or share them easily. The app does all the processing within your mobile to maintain your privacy.


My DGT is possibly one of the best applications born from the Spanish public administration. Created by the DGT, it allows you to have everything related to your driving license in your pocket, from the driving license itself to the car papers , all with the same validity as if you were carrying it physically.

You will also be able to see the points you have at all times, see and pay your traffic fines , assign a regular driver to your vehicle, see the date of first registration of any vehicle, or pay your fees .

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft has managed to create one of the most versatile password and login management tools on the market. And it’s free. On the one hand, Authenticator works as a two-step login manager, providing you with a key in the linked services so that you can finish verifying that it is you.

But aside from that, it’s also a password manager that syncs passwords through your Microsoft account. This allows you to have your passwords at hand on your Android or iOS mobile, as well as in Edge as they are implemented directly in the browser or in Chrome through its extension. In addition to saving and searching passwords, it will also help you create strong passwords when you go to register somewhere.

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Dreaming is free, but achieving some dreams is not. And maybe you’ve set out to buy a new car or some other big expense, but don’t know how to come up with the money to do it. Well, MoneyBox is a small free application that wants to help you save to achieve those goals.

You just have to enter the savings goal and the period in which you want to achieve it, and the application will calculate the money you have to put in the piggy bank each month. Then, as you do it, it will show you the percentage of what you need to achieve that goal.

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Net Speed Indicator


Net Speed ​​Indicator is almost essential if you want to control and manage your connection. It allows you to know the data you are using with your mobile in real time , showing you the speed and network usage at all times.

It uses the free app formula and with ads, although these do not bother too much. It will show you not only your total data expenditure, but also graphs with its evolution and information on how much data each app you have installed consumes, even in real time. This way you will be able to know the most greedy apps and make decisions to stretch your data rate to the maximum.

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