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Best 3 loan companies for self-employed negatives

It is common for people to need to borrow money, including those who do not have a formal job and are negative, that is, in default. Those in this situation usually have a lot of difficulty getting a line of credit at the most common financial institutions, but there are companies that work with loans for self-employed negatives.

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What is the loan for self-employed negatives?

The loan for negative self-employed persons is a type of credit offered to those who do not have a formal job (with a formal contract) and have some outstanding debt. People who fit this profile may find it difficult to pay monthly fees, since they do not have a certain income at the end of the month.

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For this reason, and because they are in debt, banks normally do not release credit for loans to those in these conditions. This can be a problem, but there are specific companies that offer credit options in this scenario.

In practice, this type of loan is similar to what banks normally offer. The request is analyzed by the finance company and, if approved, is released under specific payment conditions that follow the rules of the company granting the borrowed money.

Negativado Autonomous: What it usually takes to apply for a loan

The steps that must be taken for the negative self-employed person to apply for credit release are basically the same as for a common loan, but with a specific difference: proof of income. People who do not work with a formal contract and, consequently, do not have a bond with a private company, may have difficulty proving their income.

But you can do this in two ways: using your bank statement, to show the bank transactions carried out, or through income tax. Check in advance how proof of income is made at the institution where you want to apply for the loan and separate all the necessary documents.

Know the 3 best loan companies for self-employed negatives?

See now the best options for companies to get your loan. The list below brings the main ones, but there are others on the market that can, and should, be checked out. Even so, the following three are worth mentioning when it comes to loans for negative self-employed people. Check out.


Finanzero works with more than 40 partner companies, which guarantees many credit options for all situations and people, and not just for those who are self-employed with negative credit. On the Finanzero platform, it is possible to do credit simulations and borrow the money properly. Everything is done online. It’s simple and fast.

Serasa eCred

O Serasa eCred it also works with services available on its virtual platform. To apply for a loan here, simply access the company’s website, fill in the requested information and check which credit options are available for your profile.

Like Finanzero, Serasa eCred also has an online credit simulator, which can help a lot to properly plan the payment of monthly fees.


Crefisa also offers lines of credit for negative people. In it, the product can be hired online, through the website, or even in person, at one of the several service points that exist in Brazil.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing that financial planning is essential, including when designing how a loan should be repaid. Before applying for any credit, simulate and see if you are able to afford the monthly fees and interest rates so that the solution to your problems does not become a cause for further concern.

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