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Benjamin Ingrosso opens up about his love life: “Is lonely”

When Benjamin Ingrosso visits Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show he talks about how it feels to be single: “I want to find the pleasure in being alone, but I haven’t done it yet,” he says.

Photo: SVT

Benjamin Ingrosso has for some time been rumored to be dating the Norwegian influencer Frøya Sofie Winther – but when he is interviewed on Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show, it emerges that he is single:

“I’m alone,” he says, and adds that it’s not something he himself wants. “I want to find pleasure in being alone, but haven’t yet.”

Photo: SVT

Benjamin Ingrosso on single life: “A little anxiety”

Ingrosso says that he loves being alone at a restaurant or in town, but that it can be a little anxiety-filled to come home to an empty apartment:

“Take a walk, sit in a café or go to the cinema. All that stuff is awesome. But as soon as you close the door and end up in your own little home where you can’t hear anything, have no one to look at …/… then a little anxiety sets in.”

At the same time, Ingrosso means – who this summer goes out on tour in Sweden and Norway – that he doesn’t have time for a relationship:

“I’m currently in a phase in my life, I’m 25, I want to focus on my career, my hobbies, family and friends,” he says.

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