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Beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil receive a reduced amount in the first month!

During the transition from the Bolsa Família program to Auxílio Brasil, many families — mainly single mothers and heads of families — complained about the monthly amount received and claim that it was less than the amount normally received by these families.

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What was the amount received by the beneficiaries of the Brazil Aid?

Many workers are making use of social networks to complain about the value of the Auxílio Brasil, some cases even reporting that the amount received was less than the original value of the Bolsa Família.

The Ministry of Citizenship reported that the average benefit paid to families was R$ 186.68 in October and in November it increased to R$ 224.41. In some cases, with mothers as heads of household, the amount received did not exceed R$65.

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Many mothers dependent on Bolsa Família received R$ 212 per month, but during the payment of the Auxílio Brasil they were only entitled to R$ 149. In emergency aid, the installments received reached R$ 600 in their first months.

Single mothers and heads of families received up to BRL 1,200 during the first phase of the Emergency Aid, now they receive around BRL 65, finding themselves in a situation of financial loss. When in contact with CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center), the body only informs that the amount received is related to the amount of income informed during registration in the program.

There were also cases in which the value of Bolsa Família was R$268, but it dropped to R$149 with the first installment of Auxílio Brasil.

What are the values ​​for each beneficiary of the Brazil Aid?

The Ministry of Citizenship states that there was no reduction in values ​​in the migration from the Bolsa Família program to Auxílio Brasil, that is, each family should receive a monthly installment of R$ 224 (the previous amount was R$ 192, and a planning for this amount to rise to R$ 400).

Around 14.5 million families were contemplated with the Brazil Aid, transferring around R$ 3.5 billion. With the exception of those who did not comply with program management rules, Bolsa Família beneficiaries were automatically migrated to Auxílio Brasil.

Also according to the Ministry of Citizenship, families that have received a reduced amount during the transition period from the old to the new structure will receive an amount called Transition Compensatory Benefit.

Specific cases need to contact the Ministry of Citizenship and inform personal data, such as full name and CPF for more information. Between the 10th and 23rd of December, the government stipulates to serve around 17 million families, a public already qualified and eligible for the Auxílio Brasil program.

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