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Ben 10 Children’s Party

Children’s parties always have some drawing or hero time. O Ben Ten drawing tells the story of a boy who owns a watch and, when he uses it, can transform into several different creatures. It is a very popular and loved drawing by children, especially boys.

Ben Ten decoration for children’s birthday (Photo: Disclosure)

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Important tip for children’s party

Before choosing the decoration, it is important to choose the place, evaluate the space of the place where the party will be so that there is no leftover, or lack of decorative elements. The predominant colors of cartoon ben ten are black and green, so bet on lots of balloons in those shades. The main tablecloth and cake can also be customized. The other tables can be covered with green TNT and a black square of the same material. If your child is in love with this design and would like to have a children’s party with this theme, see below tips for decorating items, how to spend little and have a beautiful party, candy tips and much more.

There are many Ben Dez home decor items (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many Ben Dez home decor items (Photo: Disclosure)

Ben Ten’s Children’s Party Supplies

A children’s party with a theme like this deserves to have a lot of green and themed things. Purchasing Ben Dez products is one of the most important and sometimes most expensive parts. On the Festa Express website you can find articles for children’s parties by Ben Dez and several other designs.

They have children’s party kits for 24 people that come with plates, disposable cups, washcloths and much more. Separately, it is also possible to buy disposable cups in several units, disposable cups with many different prints, napkins, birthday invitations, hats, bag to put surprises, candy mold with Ben Ten prints, tablecloth, popcorn bucket, cupcake holder , masks of various monsters, EVA ornaments, EVA panels, and much more. accessing the site you will see all the products and their respective prices. Before making the purchase remember to analyze the shipping price and if it is really worth it.

Use the Ben Dez in edible material to decorate the cake (Photo: Disclosure)

Use the Ben Dez in edible material to decorate the cake (Photo: Disclosure)

Do it yourself!

If you don’t want to spend a lot, there are some things you can do at home. An example is the invitation: if you have a computer and a program to edit, like Power Point, you can make a beautiful invitation in a few minutes. You can take pictures of Ben Dez from the internet, put them on the invitation and write the information however you want. Then just print it on a “harder” paper or send it to a print shop.

A lot of things can also be painted, for example, if you have wooden boxes left in your house you can paint it green and leave it in the decor so the children can sit. You can also buy any candy mold and just paint it to look more like the decoration.

For decoration, you can buy cardboard in different colors and cut it into a square. Other types of paper can also be used, the important thing is that you make “flags” to put around the table or in another part of the decoration. Wall decorations can also be easily made with EVA at home, but if your child wants something more elaborate, the tip is to buy it ready-made.

The sweets of the party can be in the colors of the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

The sweets of the party can be in the colors of the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

Sweets for Ben Ten’s Children’s Party

Sweets can’t be missed at any party and, depending on the theme, can even be personalized. If you are one of those mothers who loves to try new things and have different materials, you can make brigadiers and decorate them with the name of the design – all chocolate, of course. This tactic takes a lot of patience and practice, so only do it if you really have experience.

Other options are just to make the brigadeiro, then take the rest of the “dough”, put it in a bag, add the green and white dye and decorate the candy in the colors of the drawing. These tips are for those who don’t want to spend a lot: bet on traditional sweets, but customize them with the colors of the design. If you choose a cup brigadeiro, you can customize the spoon with ribbons in black, white and green.

(Photo: Publicity)

A cartoon character full of courage (Photo: Disclosure)

who is good ten

Bem Dez is a boy who faces many dangers, he is full of courage, he is not afraid of the monsters he faces in the drawings. In fact he is a great hero admired by boys, this makes him the favorite character for birthday party decorations. The character Ben Dez was created in 2005 in the United States by Man of Action, produced by Cartoon Network. The last episode of the series aired in 2008, but the character is still very successful among the male children’s audience (not that girls don’t like it), but it’s the boys’ favorite.

Adopting the Ben Ten birthday theme is a great option to make your child satisfied, party decoration stores already offer great kits for rent. Among the personalized elements that can compose the party, the styrofoam decorations, tablecloths, souvenirs, invitations, plates, disposable cups, among others, stand out.

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