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Ben 10 Birthday Decoration, Photos

Ben 10 is a character that is present in the children’s universe, being able to captivate mainly boys. Little fans of the cartoon follow the seasons on TV, order themed products, play games and even choose Ben 10 as the theme for their children’s birthday. Wants to know how to assemble a ben 10 birthday decoration to envy? Keep reading this article!

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Ben 10 Birthday Decoration

Based on Japanese anime, Ben 10 is an American character that has conquered children from all over the world. Produced by Cartoon Network, the cartoon tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who discovers a powerful clock and has the chance to explore the universe, coming into contact with several species of aliens.

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O ben 10 birthday theme values ​​all the elements of the design, so that the party reproduces a little of the anime’s history. Organizers must be careful with the preparations for the event, defending the theme of the anniversary in all aspects. From the invitation to the table decor – everything needs to reference the Ben 10 protagonist.

The birthday boy can adopt a Ben 10 costume, that is, wear the character’s clothes and even the powerful watch. On the central table, it is worth renting styrofoam decorations to make a thematic decoration, highlighting the main colors and characters. Still on the table, the cake must have a finish inspired by the story of Ben 10.

Party organizers can make or order a balloon bow in black/green/white. This element promises to contribute to the look of the birthday and make it even more beautiful. A tablecloth that follows the anime color pattern will also make an interesting combination.

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In addition to the illustrations of Ben 10 on the table, the entire environment where the party will take place can be illustrated with images of the alien force. THE ben 10 birthday decoration you can also count on small tables distributed in the hall to accommodate the guests, in these cases it is necessary to choose a very beautiful themed centerpiece.

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Several articles can be used as a souvenir, it will depend on the budget and creativity. Personalized pens, school supplies kit, clocks or Ben 10 dolls are interesting suggestions.

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