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Belinda’s uncle reveals the singer’s supposed modus operandi to get money from her partners | VIDEO

The family of Belinda In Spain, she does not stop giving the singer everything, and this time again her uncle Fernando Peregrín, brother of the interpreter’s father, revealed the modus operandi of the also actress to get her partners to give her money.

She was once again accused by her own family of manipulating her ex-partners by asking them for money, according to statements by her Don FernandoWell, according to his statements, Belinda’s father also defrauded him in the eighties by selling properties and forging signatures, he revealed to Chisme no Like.

“With things like ‘how are they going to put me in jail?’ Her father, who needed money, who was suffering from depression. He asked his victims for money, playing the victim of the Mexican hacienda. You’ll notice all the tricks he used and since he was more or less known, it was rumored, the others believed it. It was one of the ways, one of the things he did. What do you think that woman and her family have lived on? That her father was very lonely, very sad, that he was not happy. But you can’t believe anything about this girl.”


Fernando pointed out that Belinda’s job is to steal thousands of dollars from her boyfriends through loans and commented that when you have a life based on lies, there comes a time when you believe it; so, supposedly, Belinda even used an old photograph of a meeting with her lawyers to sentimentally “bribe” her ex-boyfriends.

“At a time when she confessed, she cried several times saying that she had been unfortunate, that her father had stolen her childhood. And that she was very sorry”


Peregrín maintained that “Everything is a lie, because while he was saying that, he kept getting money from the singer, the magician, the surgeon, whoever it was. And the father happy to prostitute her “referring to relationships like the one he had with Christian Nodal, who leaked one of their conversations days after their breakup.

Another who also spoke about the subject was her cousin, Stephenie Peregrín, who likewise made tremendous revelations with the famous YouTube show.

“I think that from doing it so much this woman has experience in seducing and coaxing those who pay attention to her and she has a counselor who knows the underworld perfectly, because he is a criminal, a pimp, a person who knows that his daughter is prostituting herself”

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