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Belinda’s style: Fan of Ángela Aguilar tattoos the singer’s face | VIDEO

Ángela Aguilar loves fashion, and she showed it once again.

Photo: David Becker for The Latin Recording Academy / Getty Images

american singer Angela Aguilar He continues to conquer his fans, and to try a button. Well, this time the regional Mexican interpreter showed how one of her admirers made a permanent illustration of her face in one of her arms.

A few weeks ago, the so-called “princess of the Mexican regional” showed her millions of fans that a fan had tattooed a phrase that she herself wrote to her.

Apparently this action has inspired other of his followers, because recently, he returned to show that another person made a design in his honor.

These images prove that the interpreter of “In Reality” is very loved by the public, who even do impressive things for her.

It was the fan, Iván Aguilar, who shared on his Instagram account, where he has more than 9,000 followers, a video in which Angela’s face is tattooed on a client.

The artist, who according to his biography works in Mexico City and Guadalajara, was inspired by a photograph of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, which he took in black and white and then traced on the fan’s skin.

The images reached the singer, who immediately replicated the small video on her Instagram stories.

And thus show his 9 million followers, the affection that people have for him and the talent of the artist, who managed to capture the features of Ángela Aguilar in the skin of her client, who she decided to carry on her arm forever.

With just the word “Omg” and a series of emojis with a crying face and a heart, the interpreter shared this work on her official networks.

Iván, who coincidentally has the same last name as the Aguilar Dynasty, but is not part of it, he reacted very impressed “OMG!!! He shared with me ”, because from what can be seen he did not tag the artist so that she could see it, however, Angela found it.

In the tattoo artist’s Instagram account, it can be seen that he is a specialist in making faces, since among his works are the images of Diego Armando Maradona, Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, to name a few.

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