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Belinda shows off her rear in a red minibikini when resting by the pool

Even on your vacation Belinda gives something to talk about, and now he shared in his stories of instagram a video recorded by her friend Ingrid Velaquez in which he captures the singer very relaxed in the pool, wearing a red mini-bikini and showing off her rear. Both posed together afterwards, with the theme “I’m blue” from David Guetta Y baby rexha as background music.

The interpreter is already an expert in doing selfies, and a few days ago she published some that show her wearing a tight minidress and that caused a sensation among her fans. So far these images -which she titled “Last of 2022 💛✨✨”- already exceed 700,000 likes.

Belinda She is fascinated with her new pet, a cat named Glen, with whom she has lived for two months. He showed it in several photos of his Christmas celebration and previously informed his followers that it is the first cat he has: “I don’t know much about how they behave, I’ve always been a dog, but I fell in love with this baby since I saw him, yes Can someone write me more about the behavior of cats and how to be the best mom for him, that would make me very happy”.

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