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Belinda is attacked by her haters for the way she dresses at 33 years old! | VIDEO

Nothing suits them, well now Belinda, as always generates all kinds of comments. The Spanish woman is as if she were Real Madrid or America, you love her or you hate her, but she never goes unnoticed and on this occasion her haters were present to criticize her for the way she dressed.

Belinda is enjoying her 33 years, and despite the fact that she has been in the midst of controversy, The famous Spanish woman is still a fashion benchmark. Well, women of all ages have sought to emulate her.

Well, let’s admit that most of the time he has shown to have good taste. But now A group of “conservatives” came out on social networks who are criticizing her for her way of dressing, since the actress also usually shows off her statuesque figure, which has taken her many years to work and maintain..

They have even pointed out her for being too thin, but now the singer’s detractors have fallen into absolute absurdity. Well, through a TikTok video they revealed that at his age he shouldn’t dress that way.

This after she appeared in a schoolgirl-style glitter skirt during one of her presentations. Something that bothered some haters, who we could say looked envious. Well, the skirt looked perfect and with a simple black top without a necklinethe truth made her look very good.

But that angered many users, who justified the comments by assuring that “HE IS NO LONGER OF AGE TO WEAR THAT TYPE OF YOUTH CLOTHING” What?Just as you read it, now it turns out that an artist who is dedicated to giving shows does not have the right to dress as she wants because age is no longer correct for them.

Given this, his fans, and the people with the most empathy came to his defense and with good reason, since there is no dress code established by the authorities regarding having an age to dress or not in a certain way, let alone being an artist. If this was with Belinda, what awaits Ninel Conde or Ana Bárbara?.

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